Saturday, January 18, 2014

In Which I Have A Party Girl And A Couch Potato

Connor had a rough day today, I'm sorry to say.  He had six seizures and seemed to feel just miserable in general.  He spent pretty much the whole day on the couch.  The seizures of course knocked him out for the day, so now he doesn't want to sleep.  Poor little guy.

Eden's birthday party was today too; it's difficult when one kid has an important occasion and the other gets sick.  My parents ended up coming watching Connor while I took Eden and her two friends to a roller derby bout.  I'm very glad they were able to take care of him, or else I would have needed to cancel the party, which would have disappointed Eden terribly.  My parents are awesome.

Anyway, so after presents, cake and ice cream we went to the bout, which was really exciting for me.  It's the the first one I've been able to go to for a long time, and I was so glad to get the chance to see everyone and cheer on my team!  I really miss roller derby and all the fantastic people I don't get to see on a daily basis while I'm not skating.  Since I couldn't be out on the track, I had to make up for it by cheering everyone on as enthusiastically as possible.  I probably embarrassed the kids terribly with how loud I was screaming, but that's okay.  Embarrassing her child is an important part of every mom's job, right?

Eden and her friends had a great time, and the party was declared a success.  Hooray!  I just wish that Connor had been feeling better; it was tough leaving him at home while he was sick.  Hopefully tomorrow he'll be on the mend.  No more seizures, okay little guy?


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Anonymous said...

Your parents *are* awesome! Sorry the little guy is struggling, though.

A roller derby bout sounds like just about the coolest birthday party ever. I may be stealing that idea when V is a few years older!! I'm happy for Eden that it was a success.


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