Wednesday, January 29, 2014

In Which We're Back To Business As Usual

I don't have much to report today!  Eden had a half-day of school due to it being the end of the semester, so I spent the morning doing as many chores as I could, and then the afternoon running various errands and carting the children around to physical therapy and swimming.  Traffic was bad enough that we didn't get home until after nine.  Connor immediately crashed, and Eden went to bed early because she was so tired.  

So it looks like other than the unusual half-day today, things have pretty much gotten back to normal around here, which is a relief.  I'm taking the kids to the lunar new year celebration and the Asian Art Museum up in Seattle this weekend, so I'm trying to get caught up on as much as I can around the house before Saturday so I can go with a clear conscience.  Hopefully it won't be too crowded for Eden; this will be the first year I've taken her and she's not a big fan of crowds.  I know Connor will enjoy it; he absolutely loves the lion dance and the taiko drumming, and he's been plenty of times in previous years.  

I'll probably pack some ear plugs for the Little Miss and we'll give it a go!



Kathryn said...

Jess I have a polite question on yesterday's post, Why at 16 is Eden in jr. high? Im just curious

Jess said...

She missed a year of school in Thailand due to recovery from a surgery.

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