Thursday, September 17, 2009

In Which Connor Feels Better After We Give Him Drugs (No Not That Kind)

Little Connor woke up this morning with both his eyes starting to swell up. We got him in for a doctor's appointment this evening, where they took a look at him, said "Yep! It's hives!" and sent us home with a big bottle of Benadryl. The child already looks tons better, and hopefully he'll sleep pretty well tonight as a side effect. That would make me very, very happy.

We're picking up our van on Saturday, and as an added bonus our respite care worker, who happens to be a medical massage therapist, is going to come over and give Jeremy a back massage and work on his feet and legs while Connor, my mother-in-law and I are out picking up the van. Then she's going to stay with Connor and Jer and I will go out on a date! I am so excited-- can't wait.

One of the things Jer's medical massage therapist will be focusing on is range-of-motion exercises. After not moving his feet at all for a month they've become really stiff, so we have exercises to do to make them more flexible again. We also have exercises to get the nerves reacquainted with being touched-- apparently after a while they get sort of hypersensitive, and then you have to work to calm them back down. It's sort of like your foot went to sleep for oh, forty days or so. The tingling is apparently rather intense. You also have to massage the feet to increase the circulation and get the swelling to go down. The physical therapist used the term "milking his toes." This is a bad term to use around me with my overly fertile imagination. I bet toe milk smells really funny.


Anyway, Jer isn't able to reach good portions of his feet, so I'm doing the massages three times a day-- about twenty minutes at a time on each leg. While foot massages three times a day sounds pretty wonderful if you ask me, I assure you it's not very fun for all parties involved. At least, most of the foot massages I've had don't cause me to use quite such colorful language. As his feet slowly regain motion and the nerves settle down the massages should become less painful.

One good thing is coming out of this-- you use copious amounts of lotion during these exercises. A twenty minute lotion regime three times a day does a powerful amount of good for your skin. I don't think my hands have ever been so soft!

All the same, I don't think I will be adding this to my skin care regime on a permanent basis. If I had a skin care regime, that is. Oh well.



Kelsey said...

"toe milk"

groooosssss!!!! :)

have fun on your date! and I'm glad Connor's hives are getting cleared up. How many days is he in school each week? Is he still excited about it? Can you post another picture of him all ready to go to school? That last one was so so adorable... (only if you have time and you want to of course! :))

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

I have to agree with Kelsey about toe milk - ICK!

So glad that Connor is starting to feel better. The poor little guy!

I am so glad that you are able to do the massages for Jeremy. I am so squeamish, that I would probably not be able to handle it (although I guess you do what you have to do). Hope you guys enjoy your date!

Lisa said...


This is a message to let you know that your blog is the feature of the Daily Blog Review today.

You can check out the review at my blog: All That and a Box of Rocks at

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

If you remember that the flow (of fluid) is towards his leg - will that help to over-ride the podia-dairy image. Nothing coming out of his piggies.

Encouraging all to give Jer sympathy for these massages. I'm quite sure they are not comfortable.

You live in a town with such a romantic name and I'm sure you know every great place, but just in case I searched for a date-place for you and Jer.

Find out if HG Bistro is REALLY wheelchair accessible.

You're welcome. Barbara said...

Jess -
Wow, you are one resilient woman. I found your blog from Lisa's Daily Blog Review and I am excited to read more. I am really inspired by your story and just wanted to say "hi." Hope your weekend goes well!
Happy Friday!

xraevision said...

Re: toe milk. I always just happen to be eating while reading the posts that mention bodily fluids - yum! So much for multitasking. Poor Jer, sounds like his pain is not the good kind of massage pain.

Have fun on your date tonight!

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