Monday, September 14, 2009

In Which Connor Sports Some Spots

Poor Connor.

Every once in a while his eczema comes back with a vengeance-- usually when I think it's gone for good and I've gotten complacent. Currently he's covered all over his torso and back with teeny tiny little red hives-- too small to see in this picture. They started on the backs of his knees and kind of spread from there. I feel bad for him, though he doesn't seem to mind them.

What you can see in the picture is the irritation around his g-tube. This is the first time he's had a major breakout since the g-tube was installed, and he's broken out especially badly around that area. It looks really sore. I'll be keeping him in just a diaper at home to expose his skin to air as much as possible. Hopefully it will clear up in a week or so.

Jer and I will go down to the hospital in Seattle tomorrow morning to get his stitches and his big, chunky casts off. They'll be replaced by some removable casts, which means that for the first time in over a month he'll be able to bathe his feet! This is a job that will probably fall to me, as I'm not sure he'll be able to bend far enough to get to them. Can't wait--I'm sure they currently smell fantastic.

He still won't be allowed to put any weight on them for at the least the next two and a half months, but the casts should be lighter and make it more easy to maneuver his legs, which will be nice.

I went and looked at a couple more rental houses today, with little luck. One would have been perfect except for the fact that all of the interior doors only gave Jer's wheelchair 1/4 in clearance on either side. Even given Jer's impressive steering abilities, I don't even want to think about what those doorways would look like after just a couple of months of us living in the house. The other house I looked at once again had bathroom issues-- these were entirely too small and had glass enclosures, which are a problem when you are trying to get into a tub with two giant casts on your feet. I'm going to check out another house tomorrow afternoon-- wish me luck!

The perfect place is out there somewhere-- I know it!



Julia said...

Eczema aside, you have to agree that he is adorable. Happy house hunting. And feet washing.

Niksmom said...

The irritation around C's stoma looks like it oculd quickly become cellulitis. Coupled with all the spots could be a virus. We went through this a lot with Nik. Worth getting it looked know, in your free time! ;-)

Holding thoughts of the perfect house out there for you.

Colleen said...

Uggh washing stinky feet and nursing a rash around the g-tube. Does it get any more fantastic than that? We get the occasional rash around the tube and apply calmnoseptine which seems to keep the area nice and dry.

Lora said...

Kind wishes for you and Jer and hopes of finding the perfect abode in which to live! He is so adorable!


Julia O'C said...

God provided a vehicle. God will provide a home, too.

Is it wrong that I want to snorgle Connor's belly? He's such a cutie!

Not to put any added pressure on you, but I have a feeling that the post about the foot-washing is going to be funny one.

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