Saturday, September 5, 2009

In Which Plans Are Made

Thanks so much for all of the sound advice, everybody!

I think what we're going to do is get some of those vinyl carpet runners and basically "pave" routes that Jer can use in our apartment. It's only a 1200 square foot apartment and a couple of the rooms are too crammed with furniture for him to be able to maneuver in, so basically his routes would consist of going from the front door to the bedroom and bathroom, and tooling around the living room.

These will be a far cry from the Afghan rugs Jer was supposed to bring back for me, but oh well. At least they'll be easy to clean, even if between all of the modifications and equipment for Connor and Jeremy our house is starting to resemble some bizarre hospital/personal space hybrid.

I'm also going to move my potted plants around, get more paving stones, remove one of our patio chairs, and make an area for him to be able to sit outside. I think that'll be nice for us both.

Connor didn't get the chance to start school this week because he has still been sick. He's been staying at home with my mother-in-law while I go up to the hospital. Usually when Connor catches something he either gets over it in the first two days or it lingers for a couple of weeks, and unfortunately this seems to be a sickness of the lingering variety. It's been a week now and he's still coughing hard enough to throw up. I'm hoping that by the time Tuesday rolls around and school starts up again Connor will be well enough to go. Poor little guy.

My brother and his wife flew into town this morning for a business trip/visit, and guess what they got me for my birthday? A spa package! I am ridiculously excited about this. I can't wait to go kick back and relax for a while. This is the same place that Jeremy sent me to for our anniversary a while back, and along with the treatments they also have free showers with six shower heads and a blissful eucalyptus steam room there. They may have to drag my wrinkled, pruny body out of that thing at closing time. I also am planning on going dress shopping for my sister's wedding, as I have yet to do that and the big day will be here in a little over a month.

It'll be nice to get the chance to do a little for myself; I've kind of spent the last few weeks on overdrive trying to get everything here taken care of, so playing hooky for a little bit will be a lot of fun!


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Anonymous said...

How is Connor doing? Have you been able to rule out the flu? When you said he'd been coughing so much and since he's spent some time visiting at the hospital it made me wonder about H1N1. Not that you need another thing to worry about, but it might be worth a phone call to the Dr.

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