Monday, September 21, 2009

In Which We Have Unexpected Visitors

Jer had some doctor's appointments this morning, so we loaded up the car and headed over there. When it was over we went out to lunch, and then drove back to the house for a much-needed rest. Four hours of appointments wears one out.

Connor is still not sleeping well, and now he may possibly be working on a case of pinkeye. Joy of joys. We'll see what he looks like in the morning. He'll be very sad if he can't go to school.

No word on the house yet-- hopefully we'll hear something tomorrow. It's pretty nerve wracking, I have to say. Right now Jer and I are starting every other sentence with "If we get the house . . ." so you can tell it's weighing heavily on our minds. I'm still browsing other houses both for rent and sale so we have another option in mind if he turns us down, but hopefully there won't be a need for that sort of thing.

Loki has discovered that the sliding door leads to the great green place of Outside Land, and he is now attempting to dart through it every time it's opened. As a result of his ill-fated two minute trip outside last week in which he apparently hit some sort of flea docking station before I caught him, he brought a number of unwanted guests into our house which I discovered to my horror while petting him today. So now both of the cats have been dosed with flea medication, and as a result I am now persona non grata in the kitty world. I am being positively shunned-- every time they see me coming they get this horrified, hurt look and run away to hide under some large piece of furniture. I predict this will last until tomorrow morning, which is when I will feed them again. With any luck they will at least feel a little better in a couple of days.

Crazy cats.



Anonymous said...

I remember both times Dan and I bought a house. It was all we could talk about and think about. It made for quite the enjoyable cruise before his last deployment, I assure you...not.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Poor Connor - he cannot seem to get a break lately! Hope he doesn't have pinkeye. UGH!

Hope you get an answer on the house soon - the waiting can make you a little nuts!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...any chance it was the fleas that made Connor break out?

I hope you get good news on the house soon!!!

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