Saturday, September 26, 2009

In Which Connor Once Again Sports Spots

What in the world is my child allergic to?

This is his second huge breakout of hives in the last two weeks. This one started with a couple on his forehead this morning, and this is what he looks like now after a dose of Benadryl. They're currently continuing to spread down his back and tummy. Lord knows what he'll look like by morning. He's also been stuffy and throwing up his formula all over the place.

I'm wondering if it's perhaps time to try another formula-- the Pediasure we're using has both milk and soy products in it. I'll e-mail his doctor tomorrow and attach a pic of the little guy-- hopefully she'll have some ideas. His eyes aren't swelling (yet) and he's not having trouble breathing other than the problems the stuffy nose is giving him so I'm just going to keep a close eye on him and continue with the Benadryl in the meantime. Poor little guy.

Jer and I went to the zoo on our date today, which was quite fun although it kind of wore us out. We hadn't realized quite how many hills the zoo has. Also small children running full-tilt towards us (and therefore Jer's feet) would periodically make Jer and me very, very nervous.

We also hit the bookstore (of course) and an ice cream parlor. That was about all we had energy for, so I drove us home a couple of hours early and went out for some alone time while Jer took a nap. We aren't exactly hard partiers at the moment.

I spent my alone time reading a book about renovating bathrooms and wandering the hallways of Home Depo. If we do end up buying the house that we would renovate we probably wouldn't be getting much from Home Depo (I am a big fan of the architectural salvage yards and discount warehouses) but it never hurts to look and see what's out there. I wouldn't be doing it myself either as I like having plumbing that works and I kind of have some other things on my plate right now, but I figure it could never hurt to have a better understanding of what kind of work would be involved. It's all pretty fascinating; I'd love to learn how to do it all someday, though I don't think that this is a project I should learn on.

Anyway, now I'm off to bed again after checking up on the little one. I'll be getting up in a few hours to give him another dose of Benadryl so I'd better get some shut-eye now!



Niksmom said...

Ask about Elecare or Compleat Pediatric formulas. The first is for anyone allergic to dairy & milk proteins. The second is food based but gluten free and dairy free. My son used the latter for 2 plus years.

Elizabeth said...

This might sound completely ridiculous because I know you have a little boy with special needs (I have a girl) and I know what it's like with people's "suggestions," but I'm wondering whether it could be bed bugs? This sounds crazy, but I've been reading more and more about them -- how common, how "underdiagnosed," how people have strange skin reactions to them, etc. Just a thought and delete it if you think it's entirely ridiculous!

leah said...

Oh, I hope those spots go away for good soon (and that you can figure out what the trigger is)! Poor little guy- at least the benedryl helps, but it would be nice to get the source figured out.

The zoo sounds like a great idea for a date, minus the kamikaze children running toward the air casts, that is! I don't know about your area, but we have an Audubon Center with an accessible trail. Its really nice, and you can see some gorgeous scenery. I wonder if there are any accessible trails near you guys?

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