Tuesday, September 29, 2009

In Which I Have A Possible Solution To Connor's Hive Problem

I had a major revelation today about Connor's hives that explains why he's getting them!

I figured out why he s having them this week; it was school picture day today, which as we all know is the day in which children everywhere compete to see who will have the worst photo ever. This year thanks to his lovely giant red spots my child wins the pot. Now I just have to figure out how he's getting the hives-- that's still a mystery.

Actually, I do have a theory about what might possibly be causing them that doesn't involve school photography. The only thing I can think of that we've changed recently is Connor's toothpaste. We ran out of his usual and I got a different brand. Normally I give him a little water and he spits into a cup after he brushes, but he's swallowed the toothpaste a couple of times in the past few weeks. I'm wondering if maybe there's something in the new toothpaste that he's allergic to. Of course, the only way I can think to test this is to brush his teeth and let him swallow the toothpaste. Maybe I'll just buy another brand of toothpaste and see if the hives stop.

Today has been rather a whirlwind of house related things. We're closing on October 30th, which is only a month away, and I'll be gone in Texas for a week of that, so we're on a tight timeline to get everything taken care of before that deadline. We're having an inspector look at the house tomorrow, and I will be attempting to get Jer up two steps into the house so he can see the inside, as otherwise he'll be buying a house he's never seen. I won't be posting any pictures of the house until it's officially ours because, well, right now it's still somebody else's, and I would be kind of weirded out if someone posted pictures and commentary about the inside of my house, even if I was selling it. So I'll wait until after we've taken possession, and then I'll post pictures, I promise.

We had to get all of the running around dropping off earnest money checks and getting quotes for property insurance out of the way before four in the afternoon, because that's when we left for the baseball game. Jer and I received free tickets from his army unit for the Seattle Mariners game tonight. While we aren't really baseball fans (and if we were to pick a team, it would probably be the Texas Rangers anyway) we enjoyed ourselves.
It was bitterly cold (46 degrees, which is maybe not cold by anyone else's standards but pretty cold for September in Seattle) and we were way underdressed for the weather. A woman sitting below us in the stands noticed how Jer and I were shivering and bought Jeremy a jacket, which meant we could share his blanket and both be warm. She said Jer reminded her of her son.
Yet another random act of kindness from a stranger. Amazing.



Anonymous said...

Heh. 46 degrees is bitterly cold. The same words my late Dad used on the phone while we looked out on inches of snow in WV. Y'all are true Texans.

Unrandomly I'd like to cover you with some kindness. Shoot me an email if you are coming near my town. Barbara

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

46 degrees is definitely cold when you are sitting at a baseball game. I love the fact that strangers are doing nice things for you left and right. I just keep thinking about that not-so-nice cashier you ran into a while back and love how things have gone to the opposite extreme!

Hope your guess on the toothpaste is right and Connor gets some relief from the big red spots. Poor little man!

terena said...

those weird hives and rashes drive me crazy. Queen Teen keeps getting a rash on her face and scalp and the only thing that knocks it out is cortisone. But I don't want to keep doing that all the time. We've checked her diet, switched soaps, talked to the doctor and everything else I can think of and all we can come up with is: she has delicate skin.

Ellen said...

Congrats on the house. And, yes, kindness of strangers always amazes me. Jess, I left you a blog award, don't worry about passing it around if you don't have time—like I said on the blog, the Award Police won't come after you. I just think you rock.

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