Sunday, September 20, 2009

In Which I Have Odd Dreams

Forgive me if this post is rather brief; Connor did not sleep very well last night and so I didn't get a whole lot either. I'm going to try to hit the sack early.

His metabolism seems to slow way, way down at night, and food just sits in his stomach. Last night for whatever reason it just wasn't going anywhere. Maybe he ate dinner too close to bedtime-- who knows? At any rate, the fourth time he threw up I just unhooked him from his pump, figuring that he'd be better off hungry rather than aspirating. I made sure there were at least three hours between his dinner and his pump tonight, and I'm hoping that will solve the problem and that he's not getting sick, which is the other most likely reason for all of the throwing up. Anytime the kid catches a bug his tummy gets majorly queasy right off the bat.

The good news is that almost all his hives are gone, and his g-tube site looks much better. I hope he's not getting sick-- the poor kid deserves a break!

Jer and I made another outing today, sans Connor, to pick up our CSA veggies and to find some more lotion. Because of the foot exercises and massages we're doing three times a day, we're going through lotion at an alarming rate around here. I bought a big tub of it three days ago and we're over halfway finished with it. We'll probably try several different kinds over the course of these treatments; the last kind we tried had Shea butter in it and while it was creamy and a little went a long way it also had a tendency to be sticky. We picked up a different kind that's not so solid today and we'll see how it works out.

I had an interesting dream last night in between all of the waking up and cleaning up Connor-- it involved a secret room with built in bookcases hidden behind that lava wall in the bathroom of the house we're trying to buy. I was frustrated because you had to flush the toilet to get the wall to open and I was worried about the water bill and the septic tank. When I woke up I was trying to figure out a way to keep the door open without the toilet running constantly. I have a tendency to mix up reality and daily living in rather creative ways in my dreams; a couple of weeks ago I had one in which we had decided to have Jer's wheelchair towed by a sheep because for some reason Jer couldn't do it himself, and we were arguing over what type of sheep we should buy. I wanted a very sensible compact white woolly sheep of the stereotypical variety, and Jer wanted a huge impractical black ram with enormous curly horns. Weird-- especially because in reality it would be totally reversed. Jer's the practical one in this family.

Anyway, I think I'm off to dreamland again-- hopefully for a rather longer period than I managed last night!



psychologizer said...

SWEET! You have to get your new house because clearly we are going to have awesome Nancy Drew adventures in it! Let me know if you dream of candlesticks or Ned Nickerson.... I've been trying to find that guy since my childhood!

terena said...

I would have asked what color his chair is so I could coordinate the sheep. Black, White, or Gray?

You are dealing with a lot all at once. Hang in there, Mama and rest when you can.

Tom said...

Perhaps you need a glass of warm milk to help you sleep...

(read the reviews, they are amazing)

Frances Brown said...

Sorry I have been a little behind in reading the blog, Malinda has kept me posted on the happenings. You are truly a terrific woman.
I had an idea on the rug problem, maybe a little to late. We have been looking at Motorhomes and in them they have plastic over the carpet, it has a sticky back and stays in place and it can be removed with ease, but it is like putting saran warp on the floor, so the wheels might roll better over it then the carpet.
Sorry I am not up your way or I would go to the dealers and see if they have some, I will be happy to call around for you and ask about it if you would like.

Tom said...


We looked into this as an option while I was up there, the problem is mainly with the plushness of the carpet, rather than the surface itself. He really needs something "hard" to make it easier to turn the wheels, as well as to get proper traction.

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