Sunday, September 6, 2009

In Which Connor Protests The Salad Course In A Novel Way

So today was a day rather filled with excitement.

I got up to the hospital this morning to discover that they had decided to release Jeremy on Monday, which is as you all know, a federal holiday. Jer's bed was still broken, there were still things all over the floor, and the hospital said they couldn't arrange transportation for us that we wouldn't have to pay for out of pocket. All of the offices on post where we could possibly arrange for transportation were closed.

We finally convinced them to wait until Tuesday morning to release him, but it was a tense hour or so there while we tried to figure out what we were going to do. Now we just have to make sure everything runs smoothly on Tuesday. Wish us luck.

So after my visit to the hospital, my brother and sister-in-law helped me fix Jer's bed, get the house cleaned up, rearrange things to make them more accessible for Jer, and put down some more paving stones so he can hang out on the porch. My brother and I are trying to figure out a solution for the carpets, as the office mats cost about 80 bucks a pop. You can buy vinyl runners at Lowes for a little over two dollars a foot, but they are only 27 inches wide, which may not work for a wheelchair, as the wheels usually run between 25 and 27 inches wide. I'm going to take some measurements tomorrow to see where Jer's chair falls in that range. One possible solution we've come up with is to lay down a plastic protector over the carpet and then put hardboard over it, but this isn't an ideal solution as it will make the carpet extremely hard to clean. We'll just have to see what we come up with.

After we ran errands about town, my brother, his wife, Connor and I headed down to my favorite little Greek restaurant in Puyallup for some dinner. Unfortunately we didn't really get to enjoy our meal because Connor had a seizure during the salad course and my brother and his wife had to get everything to go while I performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on my son down on the floor next to our table. I'm pretty sure the people around us all had some stimulating dinner conversation after we left. I can't say I'm really surprised that he had a seizure-- stress and illness lower his threshold and he's certainly had enough of both recently. Either that or maybe he just didn't like the fact that we didn't offer him any salad. Oh well.

Once I got him breathing we took everything back to the apartment, put him to bed, and ate our dinner while watching the first half of the movie Hook before everyone got too tired and we called it a night.

He's fine now; fast asleep in his room. I'm not even checking on him every five seconds right now; I can tell he's breathing from here because his nose is stopped up and he snores. Well, that and the fact that his apnea monitor (AKA the Dead Baby Alarm) is on and is not currently making a loud siren noise.

Ugh. What a day. I'm off to finish my baklava, and then I'm for bed.



Elizabeth said...

I'm so sorry. You're amazingly strong (I'm sure you hear that all the time) -- as a mother to a child with seizures, though, I understand the relentlessness of it all. What I can't imagine is all the other stuff "on your plate." I send you prayers and well wishes and strength and courage. Things will be better.

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a crazy day you have had. I agree with Elizabeth, you are amazingly strong. I have you all in my prayers. Hope Connor gets over his stuffy nose and that you come up with a solution for the carpet in the apartment.

leah said...

Talk about a day! Glad to hear Connor's OK.

I was looking online and there are runners for $3.96/sq. foot at (36" wide), though that probably adds up pretty fast, $$ wise. The other thing I was thinking was cheap sheet linoleum- I wonder if you could buy it and then cut it into "paths" to lay on top of the carpet. Not sure if that would work, though.

Julia O'C said...

"Dead Baby Alarm" helps to have a bit of a dark sense of humor, doesn't it?

"They" say that God doesn't give you more than handle. God must really think a lot of you, Jess because My Goodness, are you being dealt a challenging a hand. Every time I read your blog and hear about how you're handling things, I think, "This is what 'grace' is..."

Still praying.

Bronx Cataldo's said...

Oh love glad you were able to make them keep Jer in the hospital for another day. So sorry to hear that Connor had another one of thoes seizures. Has anyone said anything about a pulse oximeter for Connor to use during thoes seizures and the use of diastat to stop them. With Finnian we give diastat hook himon to the pulse oximeter and give O2. I know the last thing you need is more equipment but with us its a sanity saver,
Love and Hugs from the Bronx

Anonymous said...

So when you go over to post tomorrow, can he transferred back to the military hospital?

This is so wrong.


Katy said...

Holy crap--when are you getting that spa day because girl you need it?

Greymare said...

how on earth do you attract so much bad luck in one day!?!?

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