Saturday, September 12, 2009

In Which Jeremy Displays His Baby Hypnotizing Abilities

You can tell that I have the most awesome husband in the world, because not only does he let me take pictures of him like this, but he then allows me to post them on the Internet. And I am absolutely in awe of his ability to make amazing facial expressions-- how in the heck did you get your eyes to cross in that manner, honey? Mine do not work independently of one another like that. Totally cool.

Baby J, the baby that Jeremy was entertaining, was absolutely delighted by the way. I find that babies as a general rule are delighted by Jeremy. I swear he gives off some sort of rays that make babies go absolutely ga ga (sorry, couldn't resist) over him. The man is the Baby Whisperer. I, on the other hand, give off scary monster baby repelling rays. I'll lean over a baby, smile and coo at them, and they proceed to burst into tears. This is very sad. Maybe they think I'm going to eat them or something. Maybe I have a bad reputation among babies and word has gotten out. I have no idea.

Anyway, I highly recommend babies (of the non-crying, non-poopy variety) as stress relieving therapy for just about anyone who is not a scary monster baby repeller like me. Baby J napped on Jeremy for a while, and it was definitely refreshing for them both. Perhaps we can find one of these baby things to rent for a while. Just for the giggly awake and the adorable sleeping part, I mean. We'd pass 'er back over for the poopy and crying part, because we're nice people like that.

Unfortunately Connor is not highly enamored with baby J. Connor is of the opinion that there is only one kid in the room who should be the center of attention, and you can guess which kid that is. So upon seeing J he very politely waved "Bye bye" to her in the hopes that she would understand maybe she should find other Daddies to sleep on; the position in our household is already filled. He was rather disappointed when she did not immediately pack up and leave.

Some babies just can't take a hint, you know? Oh well.



psychologizer said...

Don't feel too bad you scary baby repelling monster. There's a kid at my center who loves everyone but me. I mean everyone. People who don't even work in the toddler room, she'll try to bust through the playground fence to get to them so she can escape from me. It was like that from the first second.

Like, I change her diapers. you'd think she would show a little more gratitude. Women! *eye roll*

xraevision said...

This post made me chuckle. One, because I too have a life long terrifying effect on babies. Latest example: My best friend's baby screams until she turns purple and gags on her saliva everytime I'm in the same room. I've been released from the Best Friend is Reliable Backup Last Minute Babysitter contract:-) And two, because my son is also accustomed to being the center of attention and regularly waves "bye bye" to children who enter our house, including his cousins who adore him. And the look on his face says, "How could you betray me like this?!!" Hilarious.

leah said...

Move over, Jim Carey- there's a new game in town! Some people just have that amazing face-scrunching ability- I love it!

And there is nothing, absolutely nothing, as lovely as having a sleeping baby on your chest. Though I can totally see Connor's point of view: "the position of Baby has been filled, thank you very much." At least he was polite about it- waving bye bye so she would get the hint, lol!

Janis said...

Austin is the same way with other babies. They are Okay from afar, but they can leave as soon as they get too close to him. Funny kids!

terena said...

My hubby is a total kid magnet too. They adore him. Tiny ones want to climb on him and older ones want to tell him stories. He's a really big, bald guy, but that doesn't phase the kids. When Queen Teen was little she got tired of sharing, too. Now she thinks it's funny.

Ellen said...

This is priceless!!!
I am glad getting the minivan was relatively easy. We have a Toyota Sienna. i am not one of those car-loving people but I swear, Dave would move into the Sienna and live in it, if he could, he loves it so much. We've had it for a year now and every once in a while he'll turn to me and say, "This is so ROOMY, isn't it? I know women like to have room in the car."

Anonymous said...

Love that picture. I think I was actually hypnotized by that for a least laughing for a minute! LOL.

Good job Jeremy!

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