Tuesday, October 12, 2010

In Which Connor And I Go For A Walk

Today I spent a while trying to get the house back into shape.  During Connor's hospital stay everything went steadily downhill, so I figured it was way past time I tackled that mountain of laundry and tried to get the house back into working order.  I always feel better with a clean house anyway-- it makes me feel much less guilty when I sit down to have some relax time if I'm not sitting there staring at a big mess!

Connor seemed to be feeling better today, so I took him out for a short walk around the neighborhood.  He seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself; it was an absolutely beautiful day and quite warm for mid-October.  It tired him out, though, so after we got back I put him down for a much-needed nap. 

The little guy is finally showing some interest in his surroundings again; he's also started signing as well and beginning to demand attention, which tells me he's really on the mend!  He's still got a terrible wracking cough though, which makes him throw up a lot-- especially at night.  Poor little guy; it can't feel fantastic on his throat.  He spent most of today in an upright position, though, which is pretty great!  I feel like he's bouncing back fairly quickly.

We also got the call today that Connor's wheelchair is in!  We made an appointment to get fitted for it and pick it up next week, which is pretty exciting.  I'm so happy that he'll soon have a new chair, because his old chair is rapidly being outgrown. 

I can't wait to try it out some other glorious autumn day!



Julia O'C said...

I'm happy to hear that your little guy is on the mend, though that cough sounds awful.

Can't wait to hear about how Connor likes his new wheels!!

Julia said...

Sounds like a very satisfying day, except for the cough. I'd love to know more about his signing -- which ASL signs he uses or approximates, what sort of home signs he uses, etc.

leah said...

Thank goodness he is starting to feel better! Hopefully his stamina will improve soon, too. I bet he's going to love his new wheels- especially when the weather is this nice and the leaves are so beautiful!

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