Wednesday, October 13, 2010

In Which Nothing Much Happens

I took Connor out today for his first errand since he came out of the hospital-- to go get some more Diastat at the pharmacy.  Exciting, I know!  Pharmacy runs are thrilling.

He seemed to enjoy being out, though he started asking to leave the store after about five minutes.  It wasn't very crowded, but he just seemed a little overwhelmed and when we came home he took a nice long nap.  Tomorrow I'll take him out for a longer period of time and in a more crowded area, and I would imagine that by the time Saturday or Sunday rolls around he'll be back to his old self and ready for school!

Oh, and the entire inside of Connor's ear canal came off today and I ended up with a perfect little dry-skin mold of the inside of his ear.  It's all new skin underneath, thankfully, but it was kind of disturbing at the time.  Hopefully this means that the inside is healing up pretty well and he'll be able to wear his hearing aid again soon!

I spent about four hours skating this evening, which I am probably going to seriously regret tomorrow-- especially since I have bootcamp tomorrow night.  But it was a whole lot of fun at the time!  I've gotten the chance to hang out and practice with a whole lot of really cool girls, which is the best part. 

And then those girls beat the ever-living crud out of me. 

I'm going to have to wear long sleeves by the end of the week, because I'm pretty sure I'm going to have bruises all up and down my arms and I don't want people giving Jeremy a whole bunch of dirty looks when we're out at the grocery store.



Julia said...

I'm glad he's healing up and gradually feeling better. Hopefully you'll have some nice weather for outings this weekend.

Julia O'C said...

Wear your bruises with pride, Girlfriend. You earned them. And you'll look so hardcore and bad-a$$!!

Is it wrong that I'm disappointed you didn't post a photograph of the ear-skin tube?

leah said...

I can see the stares in the store, and your attempted explanation: "It was from roller skating. No, really! It was!"

I wonder if Connor is allergic to the Colase? We've never had that method used for removing earwax/debris (we've had the waterpik method, sharp metal tool method, and vacuum suction method). I think I'm glad we haven't been exposed to the "burn the skin off your ear canal" method! Hopefully his ears will heal soon!

Good luck at boot camp!

ParkerMama said...

Our pharmacy is drive through. Best invention ever.

I glad is back on your radar.

Tammy and Parker

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