Sunday, October 10, 2010

In Which Connor Has A Long Road To Recovery

This is what Connor looked like for a good portion of today.

It's hard to see how much this illness has knocked Connor back.  He's still a little too weak to sit in a fully upright position-- it makes him get all pale and wobbly-- so he spent most of his awake time snuggled up to Jeremy or me.  The rest of the time he was snoozing on our bed where we could keep a close eye on him.

He's still got a nasty cough that obviously doesn't feel so great.  The little guy also has scabs on his chest where the electrodes from his original ER visit irritated his skin.  In the hospital they used Colace drops to clean out his left ear (when they were checking for a ear infection he had too much wax in there for them to visualize), and now all of the skin is peeling off the outside of that ear and it's totally raw.  We may end up having to take him in for that tomorrow; I don't even want to think about what the inside of his ear canal and his eardrum looks like if that's what it did to the outside.  Needless to say he's not wearing his hearing aids right now, and I am just very, very grateful that they didn't use the Colace on him in its other, more common use-- as a stool softener.  That would have been horrible. 

But I think despite all that he's really happy to be home; we've seen a couple little smiles out of him today, which is certainly more than we've seen in the past week.  Jeremy's off again tomorrow because of the holiday, which I'm sure Connor will be happy about.  We have respite care for part of the afternoon, so Jer and I will get the chance to do a little recouping too.  I think we're going to go out and try some skating if we can find a rink that's open on Monday afternoons; Jer's been wondering if he can keep his balance on a pair of rollerblades.

We'll see how things go!



Julia O'C said...

Oh, that picture of Connor just breaks my heart! Your sweet little guy had to endure so much these past few days!

I hope he can bounce back quickly - and you and Jeremy, too (I know how hard these hospital visits are on the parents).

Thinking of you guys!

Julia said...

Oh, he looks so worn-out. (And yet, somehow, still adorable!) Poor guy. Take care of yourself, too.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

The poor little guy! That pictures just breaks my heart! Hope he continues to heal and get stronger day by day. I am glad to hear that you guys will get some respite care. Being in the hospital and keeping watch on the little man can really take it out of you! So glad that you have the opportunity to recharge.

Niksmom said...

Poor little dude! Hope he is on the med soon and you and Jer both get some time to recoup, too. I know you aren't sick but I remember how much those hospital stays used to knock the dickens out of both me and my husband.

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