Monday, October 25, 2010

In Which We Mess Around With Connor's Meds Some More, And He Tries Out Being A Yeti With Great Success

Connor went back to school (finally!) today, and he didn't have a seizure or cry so much he got sent home or anything!  His eyes have pretty much cleared up and he's no longer contagious, though we'll be doing the antibiotic eye drops for a while longer.  I'm pretty sure Jer and I managed to avoid getting pinkeye too, which I'm pretty relieved about.

I was a little worried about how Connor would do at school today because of the pattern the little guy has been following recently.  After he gets his Lamictal (at 7:00am) he usually falls back asleep and then is pretty tired and irritable for the morning. 

We've also noticed him having between two and four episodes during the first half of the day that we're pretty positive are partial seizures; he stops breathing and turns dusky for about twenty to forty seconds.  His eyes are fixed and he drools a lot, but he can still move his arms and legs and we're pretty sure he still knows what's going on, because he can sign and give "high fives" while in the middle of one.  This started up last Tuesday-- after we upped his Lamictal to its current dose-- and doesn't seem to be getting any better.  While we'd much rather have twenty-to-forty second seizures rather than the longer, more dramatic seizures he usually has, we're not really thrilled about these. 

So I talked to Connor's neurologist today, and he wants us to split Connor's Lamictal dose so we're giving him 12.5 mg of it in the morning and the remaining 25 mg in the evening to see if that changes anything.  We'll be starting that tomorrow, and I hope it works out!  I'm a little nervous about how the first day is going to go, since he'll be getting a much smaller dose in the morning than he's used to.  Let's hope he does all right!

The little guy brought home his school pictures today!  What do you think?  I think he's pretty handsome, and he looks like such a big boy!  Certainly big enough to go trick-or-treating, which Jer and I are looking forward to since it will be his first time.  I finished up Connor's yeti costume yesterday; I bought a white long-sleeved shirt and whip-stitched some fake fur to the front and cuffs.  I found some adult women's white fuzzy socks (they were an early Christmas item-- can you believe Christmas stuff is out in the stores already?) which come up to his thighs-- they're made of stretchy material so they stay on him pretty well.  The socks are nice and warm, and we'll layer them with some jeans and a jacket, which the fur sticks out of; we tried the whole ensemble on, complete with fuzzy yeti hat, and it looks ridiculously adorable!  When Halloween is over I can undo the stitching on the fur and have a perfectly good shirt, and I can wear the socks myself.  I can't wait to show you how cute he looks!

 We're trying to work out the logistics so that we can spend some time passing out candy and some time going to door to door as well.  How do those of you who take your kids trick-or-treating do it?  I'd love to know!



Kristin said...

Last year I took Josh trick-or-treating and BJ stayed home passing out candy. This year we're trading jobs and I'll pass out the candy. Maybe you and Jeremy could trade off half way thru the evening, so you each get to see Connor trick-or-treat :)

Anonymous said...

We didn't want Mabry to miss out on Trick or Treating or handing out candy. So we are doing the Trick or Treating on post Saturday since they are doing it a day early this year and then handing out candy on Sunday night.

Julia said...

What a fantastic picture! (Surprising for a school pic -- mine were always pretty regrettable.) He looks so grown up!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

I cannot get over that picture! Connor looks SO grown up! Wow, what a handsome boy he is!

Hope the change in meds goes well and doesn't cause any issues. Have I mentioned before that I really hate seizures?

I cannot wait to see Connor in his costume. It sounds adorable!

Jules said...

The photo is adorable but he looks all grown up!

leah said...

Beautiful picture of Connor! My first thought was that he looked so much more "boy" than "preschooler."

We live on a street with only a few kids, and most of them are past the age of trick-or-treating. We leave a bucket of candy outside with a note to take some (rural area), and we both take the boys trick-or-treating. We end up with ridiculous amounts of candy (full sized Hershey bars) since our kids are the only little ones on the block!

Jennifer said...

Aww.. Connor's getting so big!

Have you gotten a picture of him in his new chair yet?

Terena said...

so cute! He's really growing up.

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