Saturday, October 16, 2010

In Which Our Internet Has Died

I know I didn't blog yesterday, but nothing bad happened!  Really!

Except that our Internet died, which is actually kind of tragic.

I'm writing this from Adamo's, one of local coffee shops with free Wi-Fi who I will be single-handedly supporting until Monday, which is when our Internet provider can get somebody out to figure out what the heck is going on with our connection.  I didn't get back from skating last night until after 10:00pm, which is when I found out that our Internet was caput.  I love all of you very dearly, but I needed to shower before going anywhere, and going out to a coffee shop at 11:00 at night to tell all of you that Connor had a good day of school is slightly above my level of commitment.  Sorry.

So I'll do my best to give you two blogs today to make up for it. 

Connor did have a really good first day back at school yesterday; he was pretty tired when he got home but was pretty good natured; he even got a little bit of occupational therapy at school with no ill effects!  Today he seems to be pretty much back to 100%, other than that persistent cough.  I'm glad to know that he can bounce back so quickly; it must mean that the rest of his body is pretty healthy.

We're coming up on the last two weeks of Connor's seizure titration schedule, which is pretty exciting!  He'll get his medication levels checked at the end of those two weeks and then they can adjust the medication as necessary to make sure that he's at a proper therapeutic dose.  I'm really hopeful that the Lamictal is going to do the trick; it's certainly having some sort of effect considering that the seizures we've seen in recent weeks have been really weird and different.  Even if we can't get rid of the seizures entirely, I would be really happy if we could at least modify them to where he doesn't stop breathing in the middle of them.  Though I think that habit I have of glancing at Connor in the little mirror we have set up in our van for the purpose every ten seconds whenever I'm driving is probably so ingrained that it's never going to go away.  I do it whenever Connor isn't in the car, too.  Oh well.

It's been a gorgeous couple of days here; fall is my favorite time of year in the Seattle area and weather like this is why.  It's currently in the mid-fifties and the sun is beaming down.  I threw open all the windows in our house yesterday and spent a lot of time dancing around in the middle of our living room with a broom singing Ingrid Michaelson songs at the top of my lungs.  The neighbors have already figured out that we're the eccentric couple of the neighborhood, so they probably weren't too surprised if they glanced in our windows while walking their dogs and saw me pirouetting around in the there. 

Connor had a great time too; I taught him how to "waltz" (we counted one-two-three while I swung him around in the air in circles) and then I did a bunch of laundry-- always a favorite pastime of his because I wave the sheets in his face.  He uses the sign "peekaboo" for laundry and asks for it by staring in the direction of the laundry room.  It's adorable.  I washed a bunch of fleece sheets and so whenever I pulled them off his head it looked like he'd stuck his finger in a light socket. 

So all in all it was a wonderful day yesterday, and I was so looking forward to telling you all about it.  Oh well; maybe an at-home Internet hiatus will be good for me.  I'll probably get a lot more done because I won't be sitting around looking at YouTube all day instead of doing the dishes.  And now I've got the excuse to go hang out even more in our local coffee shops. 

Sounds like a quality problem to me!


Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

We just went 4 days without internet and it drove me crazy! I couldn't check email, blogs or anything. But it also drove me crazy that I couldn't look up directions (we don't have GPS) or find a local UPS store or anything like that. I never knew how much I depended on it until it was down!

Glad that Connor is back to 100% and that he had a great day at school. That is wonderful news! It cracks me up that he loves laundry. My daughter likes it too - she will giggle, which is completely adorable.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

You know, if you don't post, we worry.

Glad the problem is "only" the internet - hope you're up and running again soon :D

But I'm even gladder to hear how well Connor is feeling and doing. Laundry! Fun!


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