Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In Which Connor Is Happy And I Eat Cancer Cookies

Well all my fears about Connor's medication change were ungrounded, because he did beautifully today!  He was really tired at first but soon perked up at school, and then for the rest of the day I had my happy-go-lucky kid back.  Of course the insomnia is back too-- it's currently 11:26 at night and he's still awake and happily chattering away to himself-- but maybe that means he'll sleep in a little bit in the morning and I can go back to bed after I give him his morning meds.  I'm so glad that he seems to be feeling better; splitting up his Lamictal dose has obviously made a difference.  He didn't have any seizures today either, so that makes me pretty happy!

I'm up so late not because Connor is awake (though I can't sleep if he's not asleep so I'd be up regardless) but because I just got back from the skating rink.  One of the truly awesome things about doing bootcamp is all of the awesome girls I've gotten the chance to meet and hang out with over the past month, and a group of us decided to skate together to practice for our big tryouts on Thursday.  I'm hoping that we'll keep in touch whether or not we make the New Bruiser Squad, because all of them are a ton of fun!  At any rate, I feel a bit like a teenager again in that I'm keeping some really late hours, only unlike my teenage self I now find I need naps during the day to catch up on the sleep that I'm missing.  Somehow I can't function on 6 hours of shut-eye a night anymore!

So I'll be going to bed as soon as I finish blogging, and drinking my tea.  And eating my cancer cookie.

Yes, my cancer cookie.  Our local grocery store is raising money for breast cancer awareness, and so they have all of these products adorned with  ribbons, including the tasty sugar cookies that Jer picked up earlier today.  They have little tiny candy pink ribbons sprinkled all over them, so really, what else would you call them?  I'm sure Jeremy bought them just for the taste-- he's pretty addicted to the big soft grocery store sugar cookies-- but I probably would have picked some up if he'd missed them partially for the good cause, but mostly for the opportunity to tell people I'm eating cancer cookies.  And I figure that maybe if I say I'm eating cancer cookies they'll sound unappetizing enough that I won't have to share.

Sounds like a good strategy to me. 



Rita said...

Ha! We love those cookies, but we call them crack cookies at my house. Because, you know, once you eat one, you're addicted!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

So glad the med change is working well for Connor. That is great news! I cannot wait to hear how things go at the tryouts.

xraevision said...

Mmmmm, cancer cookies. I really love big grocery store sugar cookies too, but I'm thinking of starting a weekly baking session with X as a tool for teaching language.

Good luck on Thursday! I can't wait to hear the results.

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