Monday, October 18, 2010

In Which We Have An Extremely Busy Time

Our Internet lives!

Apparently someone from our Internet provider had been mucking about in our utilities box earlier in the week and had knocked something loose, which disconnected our Internet.  So they sent a very nice man out to fix it, who informed us that there would be no charge.  Which is good, since their company broke it in the first place. 

Oh well.

We've had an eventful couple of days!  Yesterday Connor and I traveled down to visit the Farmer's Market in Olympia; I needed to start my Christmas shopping and was also running low on yummy smelling soap, which is a dire situation.  So we restocked on frothy, soapy goodness and then trolled the shops along Capital Way-- including the fantastic little toy store Wind Up Here off of 5th Ave, which is where we found the beginnings of Connor's Halloween costume.  They had the most glorious white fuzzy monster hat, which the little guy not only didn't object to being plunked on his head, but he actually enjoyed carefully feeling the soft fuzzy ears on it.  So Connor is going to be a Yeti for Halloween; a perfectly respectable Pacific Northwest sort of thing to be.  I'll be getting him a white sweater and some light colored pants and trimming the cuffs with fur, and we might have to find him some fuzzy slippers.  I think it'll be pretty great!

We were stopped at a street corner waiting for the light to change so we could head back to the car when Connor began having a seizure.

Let me tell you, there is nothing that attracts attention like doing mouth-to-mouth on a small child at a busy street corner.  We literally stopped traffic.  A variety of bystanders rushed over to see if they could do anything to help.  The seizure wasn't very long-- only a couple of minutes-- but that was enough time for someone to call 911.  The police car pulled over next to us as we were walking back to the car-- I'd gotten flustered by all the attention and set off initially in the wrong direction so I was having to backtrack-- and the officer made sure Connor was okay before moving on. 

That was more than enough excitement for one day!

Then today Connor had two more short seizures: one at school and one in the bookstore I'd popped in to grab some reading material for Connor's afternoon cardiology appointment.  Neither lasted more than 45 seconds and he didn't even have to go home after the one during school, but three seizures in two days isn't so hot.  He goes up on the Lamictal tomorrow though, so I'm hoping that will curtail the issue.

I'm happy to say that the little guy's cardiology appointment went swimmingly!  His heart is functioning well and he's been released to yearly appointments instead of every six months, which is pretty fantastic.  He was extremely good for the appointment and when prompted held very still for the ECHO and the EKG both, which I thought was very mature of him.  He got a pinwheel as a reward, which I have attached to his wheelchair.  He spent a lot of time staring intensely at it as if he could make it move just by willing it to do so. 

So all in all, it was a busy couple of days!


Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Mouth-to-mouth on a street corner!?! Connor really does like to keep life exciting, doesn't he? Hoping the med increase does the trick - I really want you guys to have a nice long stretch of boring uneventful days!

Julia O'C said...

Oh, Jess. No, three seizures in a day? I'm so sorry. But I'm grateful that the Connor-Man has a mom who can keep it together when he needs you most.

Thinking of you guys. Hope you're able to make it to derby practice this week!!

gloria said...

I hate to hear that. But I'm glad the seizures aren't as bad as they have been. By the way, I think we're due for another picture-fix of the little man!

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