Thursday, October 21, 2010

In Which Connor Is A Sort Of Pirate

My Internet has decided that it once again hates me, so this is probably going to be fairly short as I have a small window in which to work. It’s teasing me—blinking on and off again just as I am trying to save or publish things. This is not very wonderful. Looks like it’s back to the coffee shops for me!

Connor and I stayed home today, and for the first half of the day I had to soak open his poor eye every time I needed to put eye drops in it. I actually had to stick the kid in the shower and steam open the eye when he first woke up because it was absolutely glued shut. But the second half of the day his eye was looking much better; he could keep it open and I wasn’t having to wipe gunk out of it every ten minutes. It’s still completely bloodshot and horrible looking in the way that only pinkeye can be, but it seemed obvious that the medication was doing its job and that Connor was on the mend.  He squinted a lot with that eye, though-- so I decided he was a pirate and spent a lot of time singing him sea shanties and saying "Arrrrrr!" in a gruff voice, which he thought was hilarious.  He’ll get to go back to school tomorrow because he’ll have been on the medication at least 24 hours and won’t be contagious anymore. I’m tempted to make him a quick eye patch and dress him up in his pirate outfit, but that would probably require too much effort. Oh well.

I had my final night of roller derby bootcamp tonight, and it was a ton of fun! It’s been awesome getting to know everybody and getting the chance to learn how to move around on skates. We have tryouts next week, and I’m really nervous about them. Whether or not I make it onto the New Bruiser squad though, I’m really glad that I’ve gone out and done this. It’s been an absolute blast!


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Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

So happy to hear that the little guy is on the mend! Pink eye does not sound fun!

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