Monday, October 4, 2010

In Which Connor Is Sick Again

This morning I planned to drop Connor off at school and do some housecleaning.  When we got to school, though, Connor had about a fifteen second seizure.  He didn't stop breathing or anything though, and he seemed fine afterwards, so I left him at school and decided that I needed some breakfast and a breather before I started my housecleaning.  So I dropped by Adamo's (one of our fabulous little coffee shops in the area) and was sitting there reading a book when I got a phone call from the school.  Little guy was decidedly not happy-- he was crying and throwing up-- and was ready to come home.

Well, that was the end of any cleaning I might have done.  When I got home I discovered that Connor was running a low-grade fever-- the onset of which was probably the cause of the seizure earlier in the day.  He spent the next eight hours doing one of three activities on my chest: sleeping, crying or throwing up.  Poor little guy.  I dosed him with Tylenol and ended up finally managing to get him to bed down on the couch; he'd become absolutely frantic when I tried to put him to bed in his room and I'm a big softy when my kid is sick.  Of course that meant I was then confined to the living room for the rest of the evening because he wasn't hooked up to his apnea monitor and I had to keep him within eye-shot, but it was still a major improvement over having him bundled up on my lap; at least I had feeling back in my legs.

Connor generally has a pretty good immune system, but once he gets sick he's much more prone to have illnesses come in cycles.  This is certainly the time of year for it.  But I hope he manages to feel better soon, because right now he's pretty miserable. 

Poor little guy.



melissa said...

Hope little guy gets better soon!!

krlr said...

Echoing that - hope he bounces back. Love the fall, but would enjoy more w/out the sudden swarm of microbes.

MrsFought said...

I sure hope he feels better soon! Poor guy :(

xraevision said...

It definitely is that time of year. Our little guy is sick too, along with lots of other kids I know. I hope he makes a quick recovery and can get back to enjoying school soon.

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