Friday, October 22, 2010

In Which Connor Is Now A Double Pirate

Connor woke up this morning with both of his eyes glued shut.

So he stayed home from school again today while we started drops in his left eye, too.  Thanks to said eye drops he shouldn't be contagious anymore tomorrow, but that's kind of a moot point since tomorrow is Saturday and there isn't any school.  He'll go back to school someday, I swear.  He's out of eyes to get infections in, so he'll have to come up with some new and exciting method of getting out of school on Monday. 

How did this kid even get pinkeye, anyway?  Nobody we know has it.  And once he's not contagious anymore, should I dress him up as a pirate with patches on both eyes-- a double pirate?**  I'm pretty sure that would be twice the awesomeness. 

Though it might be kind of hard for him to see.  He'd have to use radarrrrr.

Um, yeah.  Anyway, I spent all of today being hyper aware of the slightest itch or twinge in my eyes.  I stopped and looked in every mirror I passed, totally convinced that I was on the verge of developing pinkeye too.  I'm glad no one but Connor was home to see me because I probably looked really conceited the way I was studying myself every five minutes.  At any rate I have yet to develop any symptoms besides the ones in my head, so I'll be extending my paranoia into the next couple of days and then hopefully I'll be out of the danger zone.

Thankfully I did get to escape this afternoon; spending the better part of a week with practically no break from Connor is not really good for my sanity.  Don't get me wrong-- I love the little guy absolutely to pieces-- but quite frankly spending the majority of my waking hours with no conversationalists other than a non-verbal four year old with a 60 sign vocabulary is not great for my mental health.  When Connor is sick, I sometimes go entire days without talking to anyone besides Connor and Jeremy, and I'm pretty sure my conversational skills have suffered as a result.  This sort of thing is why I have a tendency to lunge at Jer and start desperately chattering at him the second he gets home.  It's not pretty, I can assure you.

So when our respite care worker Joanna came over I was very happy to get out of the house (once I'd finished cleaning out the fridge, which was a task I'd started before she got there and not one I wanted to leave half done) and escape someplace I could talk with actual adults.  Granted, those adults happened to be the pharmacist and the clerk at the local grocery store as with a child on quarantine I'd been unable to do my usual weekly errands, but when you've been deprived for a while a conversation about the price of chicken breasts suddenly seems amazingly interesting. 

Anyway, I ran my errands and then came back to the house and made a big batch of tomatillo salsa while Jeremy finished up at the gym.  Then we went out to dinner, which was lovely, and finished the night off (of course) at a bookstore and a coffee shop. 

So all in all it ended up being a pretty good day, despite the pinkeye and no school and whatnot.  I'm sure tomorrow will be even better!  Or maybe that should be tomarrrrrrow.

Sorry.  Couldn't resist.


** Double pirate, all the way!  It's so intense!  What does it mean?


krlr said...

We have the Pirate Festival about these parts. Like the Ren faire, except less Shakespeare and more mutinying & ransacking the village. AWESOME people watching.

Hope the little goes back to school asap!

AliciaD said...

I hate pink eye. And often I will get it in one eye, then it will go away and I'll get it in the other eye then that will go away then I'll get it in both eyes. Gah!

I end up changing my pillowcase and towels daily in the attempt not to spread it to... myself.

Lin said...

You may not get it. My pediatrician says that it is usually a result of something more going on so he always prescribed antibiotic. I'm not sure if it is true or not, but when my son got pink-eye, nobody else in the house got it. It can be done!

spherescamp said...

Oh! Oh man, a DOUBLE Pirate! Oh Wow, Oh man, Oh Wow.

( posted that double rainbow video and I had to comment in kind!)

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh, sorry about the pinkeye. No fun.

But a double pirate (rainbow)... I don't know. Might be too much for little Connor. Sounds to me like it involves WAAAAAY too much drugs!

Julia O'C said...

Double Rainbow Guy is so funny that he makes me cry. Double eye infections for Connor? Not funny at all. Poor little guy.

I'd like to know how the salsa turned out. I'm guessing that it Salsa of Awesomeness but would like know for sure.

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