Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In Which Connor Is Under The Weather Again

October has definitely not been Connor's month.

He slept in this morning until ten (he's still fatigued from the med change), which was a mistake on my part.  I'd gotten it into my head that he had PT and OT from eleven to one, when in fact he has them from ten to twelve and has had them that way for at least the last three months.  Apparently even though I got up at a decent hour my brain decided to sleep in.

I'm not winning any awards for competence today.

At any rate, when we got to therapy at eleven they had obviously filled the time with other clients because they assumed we weren't coming.  Luckily our speech therapist was free and so we decided to make up the appointment we missed yesterday due to Connor's giant screaming fest.  Connor was sitting at the little table in the therapy room refusing to make choices on the iPad when I suddenly noticed his right eye was really gunky.  I was kind of embarrassed that I'd missed that when I was getting him out of bed-- I figured it was just sleep in his eye.  A little later I noticed that it seemed pretty red, and there was a bright red line down one side.  We speculated that he might have burst a blood vessel from crying so hard yesterday.

When we got home Connor announced that he was sleepy, so I put him down for a nap.  He slept for another three hours, and when I finally went in to get him up, I discovered that his eye was now swollen and completely crusted shut.  So I called our appointment line to get him into the doctor.  All of the clinics at our usual military hospital were full for the next two days, so it was off to the urgent care clinic we went.

Yep.  Connor's got Pinkeye.

So he'll be missing yet another day of school while we wait for his new eye drops to work-- he gets one drop every four hours until the bottle is gone-- and hopefully things will clear up quickly and Connor can work on being healthy for a while. 

That would be a pleasant change!



MrsFought said...

October is leaving us feeling the same~very overwhelmed :) I hope Connor feels better soon!

Dr.J said...

We'll pray for Connor to get well soon. God is merciful and He is the source of healing. Take care of yourself..

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Winstrol said...

Your way of expressing thoughts through words is excellent. Thanks for sharing and wish Connor good luck and hopes to be perfect again. Greetings.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

The poor kid! Hope he feels better very soon!

leah said...

Pinkeye! I hope the eyedrops clear up the infection soon. At least he doesn't have the flu...

Perhaps November will be a healthier month!

krlr said...

Yikes! Sounds like it should be November any day for you guys. More virtual casserole? Or just best wishes? Can't think of anything cute to say today.

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