Thursday, October 14, 2010

In Which Connor Is Ready To Go Back To School!

I think Connor is finally ready to back to school!

He did well on our outing today-- I had him out for a few hours and while he needed a pretty good nap when we got home, he was able to be out and about without getting completely overwhelmed.  I even got some smiles and giggles out of him!

He's still got a nasty hacking cough, but we're not hearing it as often and he has a lot more energy.  It's pretty typical for him to have a cough that lingers for weeks after he has a cold of any kind-- long after he's shaken all the other effects of being ill and is no longer contagious.  So I'm thinking that he's ready!

Plus I'm really looking forward to getting my two and a half hours of alone time back again.

I took him out to a sushi bar around four in the afternoon because I wanted to eat an early (and light!) dinner since I had roller derby bootcamp tonight.  He thinks chopsticks are the most hilarious things the world has ever known, so it's always fun to take him out to places where I can use them.  Connor really enjoys the conveyor belt sushi places because he can watch all of the food go by.  He was very concerned this time, though, because we were there without Jeremy.  "Daddy eat?" he kept saying, looking at the door.  He got mad at me when I told him that his daddy was still at work.  Apparently I'm not allowed to eat dinner by myself!

Roller derby bootcamp was a blast this evening; this week we learned blocking and checking, which was a lot of fun!  I'm pretty sure I've added to my collection of bruises, though.  I'm going to practice hard, because tryouts are only a couple of weeks away!



Mary said...

Geez. Daddy needs to eat too. Selfish. ;)

Julia O'C said...

Checking and blocking for the win! Seriously. For the win.

Sooo happy to hear that Connor is feeling better - and that you'll get some alone time. This weekend is The Wedding (cue music: duh duh duuuuuuh!). I'm probably going to need to Jess time Sunday, if you can spare it.

Julia said...

Glad to hear he's on the mend -- and relatively quickly, too, all things considered! That in itself says very encouraging things about his overall physical state. I think if I were going to go off to an event where there was a good chance I'd be getting a proper blow to the stomach, I'd stick with something *very* mundane -- PB&J, maybe. But I admit that's not nearly as entertaining as chopsticks.

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