Thursday, November 4, 2010

In Which Connor And I Have A Great Day

Best. Idea. EVER.
Connor had a pretty great day today!  At school he let them paint his feet for a project.  As in having actual wet paint touching his feet.  And when they washed it off, he thought it was funny

Wow this kid has come a long way.

Today was a housecleaning day, which Connor always enjoys.  I was doing the laundry in my roller skates (what, doesn't everybody fold their laundry in roller skates?) and I discovered that Connor thinks it's extremely funny if I hold a sheet around my shoulders and skate so it billows out like a superman cape.  So we both had a pretty good time.

Okay, so even if I wasn't doing roller derby I think I'd be doing my chores from now on while skating because it is just so much fun!  Why hasn't Martha Stewart tapped into this?  Seriously, someone should e-mail her about it, because this is hands down the best way to clean ever

Action Shot!!!

This is especially true because we have a vacuum cleaner that rolls behind me on little wheels while I use it.  Connor finds this highly amusing.  And the skating has the added bonus of completely freaking the cats out.  Loki spent most of the afternoon puffed up to three times his size and jumping sideways whenever I rolled by; I think he believes the skates are some sort of bizarre animals that have eaten my feet.

Okay, so I got a little bit overconfident after about an hour or so and decided to take the recycling out while I was talking on my cellphone, which was A Rather Poor Decision on my part and did Not End Well.  But never fear, I broke the worst of the fall by running face-first into our van, and so my elbow and knee were only a little bit scraped up.  So I've learned my lesson and won't be doing that again. 

Next time I'll wear pads and aim for the holly bush, which would probably be more cushiony.



Mary said...

Bahahaha. Your apron plus bell bottoms plus roller skates iiin the house absolutely slay me. You're wonderfully ridiculous. <3

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

You are a wild woman! So happy to hear that you had a good day (minus the face plant into the van).

Julia O'C said...

You are so freaking adorable!!!

Saraj said...

Wheel chair friendly house equals great skating!! I am jealous.

xraevision said...

This photo is SO awesome!

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