Sunday, November 7, 2010

In Which Connor Encounters The Lavender Lady Of Doom

I took the day off from skating today since I've probably racked up enough injuries for the week.  The count includes a bruised knee and elbow from the Housecleaning Incident, a banged up lip which should look way more impressive for the amount it bled, and thanks to last night's skating session, a large welt on my leg exactly the shape of my friend Diane's wheel. 

So instead of skating Jeremy and I took the day to catch up on some yard work, go for a scenic drive (we found the town landfill!) and bake some chocolate chip cookies, the eating of which probably helped me go a long way towards earning back all the calories I burned by skating this week.  Connor had a laid back day too, though I think I'm going to need to set him up a doctor's appointment this week to see if he needs some steroids or something for his arms, which are absolutely covered with hives.

Connor, due to the fact that he is quite possibly the Cutest Being Ever To Walk The Earth, is an old lady magnet in the grocery store.  They see him and just pounce on him like a duck on a junebug.  Invariably they end up putting their hands all over him without asking, and last week's elderly woman admirer was no exception.  She grabbed his wrists and hands, which Connor predictably did not take to kindly.  "He's allergic to a lot of lotion," I said as I extracted my child from her death grip.  "Oh, it's okay, I just use that Bath and Body Works stuff my granddaughter gave me," she said.  "You know, that "Sleep" kind?  It's so soothing!" 

Soothing?  Sure.  It's also chock full of lavender oil, which the little guy happens to be deathly allergic to. 

So of course even though I sprinted with Connor back to the bathroom and washed his hands off it was too late and by the time we left the store his little hands were already starting to pop out with the first bumps.  Right now his skin halfway up to his elbows looks like he's coated himself in red "pebble texture" spraypaint.

Poor little guy.  The next little old lady who approaches him in the grocery store is getting whacked with my purse.



Anonymous said...

what about a small sign or flag you can add to the top of the chair that has a skull and crossbones and the word lavender?

he will think he is in a pirate ship, and the skull and crossbones should be fairly universal sign of poison.

well, unless you are from the barbary coast.....

leah said...

Poor Connor- the dangers of being so adorable are great!

I think the skull and crossbones/lavender sign is a good idea. Or a sign in giant red letters that says, "Back off! I am protected by the Predator Breeding Program."

I hope is allergic reaction clears up soon!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Oh that is awful! The curse of being so stinking cute! People just don't think, do they?

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