Monday, November 8, 2010

In Which I Have A Me Day

I have the Internet!  I am extremely happy about this because to blog I just have to walk into my living room now instead of driving down to Adamo's.  Unfortunately unlike Adamo's my living room doesn't have those cinnamon rolls as big as my head, but I guess there are some things you have to give up for convenience's sake.  And when I say "give up," I mean "not eat three a day." 

Anyway today I had respite care, which was lovely.  Since Jeremy works during weekdays this meant that I was on my own, and while I love our dates it's nice to have a little alone time too!

So during my respite care time I wanted to go down to Fast Girl Skates and spend entirely too much money on new wheels.  And yes, I am well aware of the fact that I already have wheels, and that they are only a month old and are still round and roll perfectly well and all that, but now I want new wheels.  Better wheels.  And bearings, and trucks, and boots and knee high socks and the list goes on and on and on.  Roller derby will no doubt improve many aspects of my life, but I seriously doubt my bank account balance will be one of them. 

At any rate I was planning on going into Seattle but sadly it turns out that Fast Girl Skates is closed on Mondays.  Curses!  I ended up hanging out at the bookstore for a while and then heading over to a new friend from derby's house, where she showed me how to screen print a T-shirt.  I came home feeling very artistic and proud of myself!  Of course, she'd already done all of the painstaking, tedious stuff like the actual design and craft work and all I had to do was mush paint around on a screen, but I'm still taking the credit for having Created Art because I'm just nice like that.  I'll take a picture of the Awesomeness That Is My Shirt tomorrow and post it for ya'll so you can admire it in all of its glory.  I would take one today but I'm currently wearing it after coming home from practice and the giant sweat stains would probably detract from the design.

Connor had a pretty good day; I put in a call to his neurology department and they're going to get back to me on what needs to be done about his medication levels.  He's completely finished with his titration schedule and it's time to start tweaking again!  We'll just have to see how things go; currently he's having about one seizure a week, but they're the jerking-but-still-breathing kind, which if he's going to insist on having seizures I much prefer over the stopping-breathing-and-looking-dead kind.  The Lamictal still has a lot of wiggle room, though we have to be careful about zombifying him, and at some point I'm pretty sure we're going to work down off the Trileptal too.

I swear it's always something with this kid!



Julia said...

Oh, I *really* want a cinnamon roll right now. A big one, still warm from the oven. Not one of those puny dried-up things from the so-called "coffee shop" downstairs (I'm at work). Maybe I'll get one and try to revive it in the microwave.

I like your reference to Connor's neurology department -- as if the whole staff has been assigned to him. They might as well be, I guess. Good luck with tweaking, and I hope you get to roll out some new wheels soon.

Anonymous said...

Your posts recently have made me really want to take up roller derby, for reasons which remain unclear.

Must. Consider. Finances.

-M. in Philadelphia

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