Saturday, November 27, 2010

In Which Connor Tries Out Skating Again, And I Attend A Party

Today Connor, Jeremy and I met some friends at our local roller rink for a couple hours of wheelchair skating! 

I was a little nervous about how Connor was going to react, because this was the first time I'd skated with him since I managed to run him down a ditch and into a blackberry bush.  But I shouldn't have worried, because Connor had a blast!  Possibly he realized that there were an astonishing lack of ditches and/or blackberry bushes in the rink, and that did the trick.  Or maybe it was because Daddy was there, and having Daddy involved in any experience automatically makes it about 800 times better in Connor's eyes.  At any rate, he spent the whole two hours with a huge grin on his face, waving to every single person he passed by. 

Jeremy tried out some roller blades to see how they would work on his feet.  He used to roller blade a lot and so he's very good on them even though his ankles and feet don't exactly function the way they did previously.  He said they felt "weird," but he skated almost the entire two hours.  He spent a lot of that time pushing Connor around the rink while I happily yelled at him for going too fast and reflected on just how lucky I was to have the both of them. 

So a good time was had by all.

After we got home I put Connor down for a nap and did some chores before getting dressed up to go to a housewarming party.  The theme was cocktail dresses and bowling shirts.  Since I didn't have a bowling shirt and-- due to a plethora of army functions over the past few years-- have multiple cocktail dresses, it was obvious what I was going to wear.  So I tried on a few before settling on one that I could still squeeze my hips into and then stopped by the store for a present.  Jeremy, who didn't have a cocktail dress or a bowling shirt and isn't much of a partygoer anyway, stayed home and watched the boy because he is awesome like that.

So I enjoyed myself for a couple of hours at the party and then swung by the house, grabbed my skates and was out the door again to meet a friend at the Adult Skate session going on at one of the rinks.  The session had already started by the time I made it home to get my gear, so I didn't change out of my dress because I was already running late.  Skating in a cocktail dress actually worked out pretty well-- I just pulled my socks and knee pads up over my nylons, pulled my hair back really quickly and stuck my helmet on over that, and I was off!  I didn't really even get too many weird looks-- it's a pretty diverse crowd at the skating rink, and I'm probably not the first person who's shown up there in a cocktail dress. 

At any rate, I stayed out entirely too late but had a blast!


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Julia said...

That's such a great image, Jeremy pushing Connor around the rink, you yelling at him to slow down but also revelling in the joy of family. I've been doing a lot of that lately, too. (The revelling part, not the skating part.)

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