Monday, November 29, 2010

In Which Connor Goes Back To School

A deliriously happy Connor (or maybe just delirious, since he fell asleep at midnight last night) finally got to go back to school today!  He was so excited about it; he grinned from ear to ear all the way there in the car.  I was also deliriously happy about it, because that meant I got my daily break time back.  And you all know how much I love my break time.

I spent it most of it not cleaning the house and instead sitting in a coffee shop reading a book.  Because, you know, I could.

I saved the housecleaning for after Connor's school let out, which is when Joanna came over to do a little afternoon respite care for me.  So I whizzed around for a while with laundry and dishes.  I do the vast majority of my housecleaning on skates now, except for the mopping.  Trust me when I say that mopping on roller skates is a recipe for disaster. 

I spent the second half out with a book at a different coffee shop.  Because, you know, I could. 

So today wasn't terribly productive, but it was really nice and laid back.  Sometimes that's just what I need! Overall everything was pretty great except the part where Connor refused to nap.  Of course it is now almost midnight and he is still thoroughly awake.  I swear this kid must be running on some sort of alternative fuel by now, because the lack of sleep is starting to make me punchy and I need slightly less sleep than your average four year old.  I may spend tomorrow's school time doing another productive activity-- taking a nap of my own!  I'm not the world's best napper-- I tend to wake up more groggy than I was before I tried to take the nap-- but if Connor keeps this up I'm probably going to either have to learn or cultivate a serious caffeine addiction. 

Hopefully he'll adjust to his new medication dosage soon!



Julia said...

Sorry about the insomnia. Don't know what to recommend -- I'm guessing that lavender bath oil or lotion are right out; hives aren't exactly conducive to sleep. Will he fall asleep in your arms? Well, good luck with that. So what sort of books do you read?

Julia O'C said...

Oh, I just bought one of those Shark steam mops for our wood and tile floors and I LOVE it. I'll bet you could skate with it, too. Not that I'm going to try, mind you. This is just a hypothetical. But seriousy: steam mop. It rocks.

I'm SO happy to hear that Connor went back to school!! Maybe it will help him sleep? Maybe?

Matt & Kelly said...

My child hasen't taken a decent nap during the day since the day she was born... she goes and goes and goes - and by 4 PM she is CRANKY... and goes and goes in her cranky-pants-kinda-way until she just crashes. It's not good for getting things done... I understand 100%.

leah said...

I want a steam mop. They just look cool!

I hope he adjusts soon. Nolan has insomnia due to severe apnea/reflux and we are basically walking zombies much of the time. On the other hand, I would probably qualify for a study in the upper limit for safe caffeine consumption. I truly hope your little guy goes back to sleeping soon!!

Ara said...

Oh no, for a four year old, he should sleep early. I hope everything goes well. It shouldn't be practice. Well maybe a glass of milk before going to sleep would help. And also, try to pack lunch for him, so that he still can have a good nutrition even if he stays late at night. =)

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