Thursday, November 11, 2010

In Which Connor Has Way Too Many Seizures

I really shouldn't write posts like yesterday's in which I tell everyone that Connor's seizures don't really phase me anymore.  I'm relatively sure Connor views these sorts of statements as a personal challenge.

So Jeremy had off of work today, it being Veteran's Day and all, so we made plans to go down to Olympia and tool around at the Farmer's Market, after which we would go to one of the restaurants in Puyallup that were offering free dinner for soldiers and have a nice family meal before I had to take off for roller derby practice.  The day started out well enough; Jer and Connor slept in while I drove down to Adamo's and picked up a couple of breakfast sandwiches and some extremely yummy drinks.  Not only did I get a major discount on account of it being Veteran's Day, but my drink actually involved not only peppermint and dark chocolate, but also whipped cream with dinosaur sprinkles on it, so it was quite possibly the best drink ever created in the history of everything.  I mean there were adorably bitsy packs of Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops and Brontosaurus frolicking about on top of my drink and they just made me want to take them off and reenact gruesome little sugary battles on the bar.

Anyway, after a leisurely morning we started thinking about getting ready to go down to Olympia, and so Connor decided that it was a good time to have the first seizure of the day.  It was a relatively short one-- only about 45 seconds or so-- but because of it we decided to hold off going anywhere until after lunch.

When he had his second seizure about an hour later, we canceled our trip, gave him a dose of Lorazepam and called the neurologist.  When he had his third seizure, we decided that Jeremy would run out to get dinner and then bring it back, because going anywhere really sounded like a bad idea.

I seriously debated whether or not it would be a good idea for me to go to practice at all; since we'd already used a dose of one of Connor's emergency medications at home our only choice if the little guy had another seizure would be to take him into the hospital where they could give him higher doses of medication.  In the end I went, and just kept my phone on and out where I could hear it in case Jeremy called me.  I was just a wee bit scatterbrained at practice; I actually had to turn the car around afterwards because I was in such a rush to get home that I left my skates back at the building we practice in.  Whoops.

Connor, because of all the sleeping he did after his seizures, is still awake.  It's almost midnight now.  I have no idea what brought on the seizures; he doesn't have a fever and we haven't made any changes to his medications.  I'm wondering if maybe he's coming down with something and the symptoms (other than the seizures, of course) just haven't manifested yet.  I'm not entirely sure what we're going to do about school tomorrow-- we'll see how he's doing in the morning.  The fact that he's had four seizures in a 48 hour period makes me just slightly paranoid, though.  And also tired, as he shows no signs of going to sleep any time soon.

So if he does go to school I'll probably have to take the opportunity to stop and get something chocolate and caffeinated as a panacea. 

Heavy on the dinosaurs.



Julia said...

Connor-kins, we've been through this before. Seizures aren't nice, and they're stressful for Mom and Dad -- as well as yourself. You really should put more faith in your inherent adorableness to garner all the attention you could possibly require; you don't need to freak everyone out with seizures all the time. I know it keeps them on their toes, and probably improves their cardiovascular health and clears out the sinuses too, but so does roller derby. So chill out, let Mom enjoy her dinosaur sprinkles, and get some sleep.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

I really do not like to read posts like this! I think you guys have far surpassed your excitment quotient for the year (if not longer)! Really hoping things are quieter for you guys tomorrow (or today actually).

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I have learned not to say things like "Wow, Emily hasn't had a big seizure in almost two weeks" because it ensures that we will have the biggest one of all coming soon. I hope that Connor isn't getting sick, and yesterday was just a fluke.

And now I am craving something with dark chocolate and peppermint ... and imaging little dino's dancing around on it. :)

Julia O'C said...

Oh, not good. I'm sorry. Please keep us readers posted. I hope you have a seizure-free weekend and get some good therapeutic skating in there, too.

<3 Thinking of you guys.

Renate said...

So sorry to hear about Conor's seizures. On a different note: There is a documentary playing at the Grand Illusion in Seattle called Brutal Beauty: Tales of the Rose City Rollers. Right up your alley, I would think.

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