Monday, November 1, 2010

In Which Connor Decides Never To Sleep Ever Again

Cricket was kind enough to help me with the laundry today.  See how helpful she is?  I'm not entirely sure which end is up in that picture. 

Crazy cat.

Connor decided that it would be great fun to stay up until two in the morning last night.  He couldn't understand why I didn't find it nearly as amusing as he did.  Despite me having to drag him out of bed in the morning he had a good day at school and then for reasons known only to himself, refused to take a nap.  We ran a whole bunch of errands and were out and about for most of the afternoon, but here it is 11:00 in the evening and guess who's still awake?  I think the kid's decided that he's just never going to sleep ever again.  If he keeps this up it will no doubt have serious repercussions on both my writing style and my sanity. 

This might make for some interesting blog posts.

I just got back from my first practice as a Dockyard Derby Dames New Bruiser!  I discovered that I am horribly out of shape and have a long, long way to go before I'll be anywhere near the skill level needed to skate with the veterans.  But I already sort of knew that, so now it's just a matter of knuckling down, getting back in shape, and learning the skills I'll need to be a real derby girl without managing to injure myself in some horrific fashion.  And of course having a terrific amount of fun in the process, which it is already immediately evident will be happening.  We'll just have to see how it goes!

On the positive side, if I do manage to injure myself in some horrific fashion we already have the house set up for that.  Also we have the wheelchair.  And crutches.  And a cane.  But I think I'll do my best to not have to try them all out, thank you very much!


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