Sunday, November 14, 2010

In Which I Skate A Whole Bunch More And Connor Has A Good Laugh

Tonight's going to be another short post, because I'm tired!

I got to sleep in for just a little while this morning, which was lovely.  Jeremy made me some breakfast because he is sweet like that, and I took off just after ten, stopped by the grocery store for some snacks, and then swung down to Tacoma to pick up Annie for our second day of roller derby boot camp!  It ran from one in the afternoon until six at night, and I had an absolute blast.

One of my favorite things we did was a game called "land mine."  They scattered a ton of tiny cones all over the track, mixed in a couple of those huge cones (the type they use at construction sites) tipped over on their sides and then ended the whole mess with two walls of eight-inch high cones.  We had to skate as fast as we could until we got to the cones and then try and get through them without touching any.  So we were flying all over the place, hopping around and jumping and wiping out spectacularly.  It was tremendous amounts of fun!

I've decided that land mines of the traffic cone variety are the best kind.

I came out of the whole two-day experience with remarkably few new bruises and a wealth of new knowledge and skills.  Plus I got to bounce a bunch of other girls off the floor.  So that was pretty awesome. 

By the time I got back home after eating dinner in Seattle and then dropping my friend back at her place, Connor had been in bed and asleep for a while.  He apparently had a pretty good day and is currently having very pleasant dreams; every once in a while he bursts into peals of laughter and when we go in he's still fast asleep.  He does this pretty often-- something he probably inherited from me, as I talk in my sleep-- and while sometimes he'll make other little sounds, almost always when it happens he'll let loose with that chortling giggle that is  contagious and endearingly irresistible.

I always wonder what it is that he's dreaming about, but I'm glad that whatever it is it makes him happy!



krlr said...

Love love LOVE the laughing in the sleep. My son does sometimes and, besides being just stinkin' adorable, makes me think I must be doing something ok if his sub-consious is content.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Sounds like everyone had a great day!

I have one that giggles in his sleep too, and I hope he never outgrows it :D

leah said...

I love the fact that he giggles in his sleep! He is the sweetest kid, ever.

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