Monday, November 15, 2010

In Which It Is Very Windy, And Connor Discovers His Pointer

There's a windstorm going on right now, so I'm going to type quickly because we might end up losing power.  There are tree branches down all over the streets, so driving home from derby practice was a little like still being on the track because I kept having to dodge all over the place with the car.

Connor was in an extremely good mood today because he and I played about eighty bajillion rounds of "patty cake" together.  He won't do any of the motions except for the patting (not the actual patty caking, but the part that says "roll it, and pat it, and mark it with a 'C'!"), but he's really enthusiastic about that part to make up for it.  It's his current favorite game, which means he wants to play it over and over and over and over again.  Fun times.

He's really starting to learn how to isolate his pointer finger on the right side too, which is pretty awesome.  He still doesn't want to touch anything with it, but it's the first step towards him being able to point or to touch the iPad screen with more precision.  Either one of those things would be a major step in the right direction as far as communication goes!  For right now though he mostly either stares at his isolated finger really intently, or he uses it to sign his version of "go."  I'm glad to be seeing it more often!

Even if he's telling me "go" to start yet another round of patty cake.



xraevision said...

I can imagine how a vast new world would open for Connor if he could use an iPad. It would be fantastic for language, communication and just generally learning about the world. Our son is quite far behind in language skills, especially expressively, so we're following his lead when it comes to learning. He's shown an intense interest in computer games and comic books lately, so we're hoping that we can use this to our advantage. Whatever works!

krlr said...

So I know this blog is about your family but after reading this yesterday & sighing about our cont'd lack of pincer gripe and/or pointy index, last night at booktime my girl POINTED at and PUSHED the music button on the god-awful precious moments singalong book my MIL had given her. Used to loathe that book and those big-eyed ____s (she'd grabbed it) but now it is my FAVORITE BOOK EVER. Anyway back to you - you are now my good luck charm. Thanks!

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