Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In Which Connor Has No School And Freaks Out Over Purple Vegetables

My phone rang at 5:45 this morning.  It was Connor's school; it turns out the big windstorm last night threw out the power and so everybody would be starting two hours late except for morning kindergarten and preschool, which were both canceled.  So Connor got the chance to sleep in, which he thoroughly enjoyed.  I finally went in and woke him up at about 8:30.

We puttered around the house for a while and then stopped by a coffee shop for a snack, where I had a grilled cheese sandwich and Connor had a small bowl of fresh-whipped cream.  Whipped cream is right up there with chocolate pudding on the list of Things That Connor Loves; it's always cute to see him lunging for the spoon.

And admittedly it is really good whipped cream.

My sign language class was canceled this evening, which worked out well because Jeremy and I had an adoption seminar to go to anyway.  First I went and picked up the farm share with Connor though, which is an activity he always finds fun.  He gets really excited about the free-range chickens we see picking through the weeds as we roll up to the farm store.  For some reason he thinks the kohlrabi is really awesome too-- he always starts shrieking and clapping his hands if they have it.

Who knew kohlrabi could be that exciting?

Unfortunately the presence of so many prime examples of the above mentioned vegetable in all its purple glory seemed a little much for him, because he had a seizure on the way home.  He made that little hiccuping, gasping noise he makes sometimes right before he stops breathing and I pulled over on the shoulder fast enough that I sent our pumpkin rolling off the passenger seat.  I only had to give him one breath before he woke back up, but I was pretty disappointed because I thought that maybe we'd have seen the last of these for a while since we just upped his meds. 

Oh well; we'll figure out the right combination someday!


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