Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In Which Connor Does Not Have A Particularly Wonderful Day

So Connor had six seizures today.  You will note that this is not exactly an improvement over yesterday, when he had five.  He's not running a fever and seemed otherwise to be fine, so I think we've simply gotten to the point where his medication is going to stop working again.  And when his meds stop working, they just stop working.  There's no gradual tapering going on here-- either they work sorta well or they don't work at all.

When he'd had two seizures already and it wasn't past seven in the morning yet, I went ahead and called the neurologist's office and left a message.  The nurse called back barely a couple of hours later, and Connor was up to three.  When I talked to the neurologist personally around noon we'd just hit four.  Connor's neuro went ahead and upped the little guy's Lamictal pretty substantially, but the little guy still had two more seizures today, even after the upped dose.  We'll give it a couple of days and see how things go, but the fact that the seizures continued even after the upped dose is not encouraging.

I'm kind of torn about taking Connor to school tomorrow.  On the one hand, so far as I can tell he's not sick and he's interacting well when he's not seizing.  On the other hand, eleven seizures in two days really takes it out of the kid, and while I'd love to think that he's not going to have any at all tomorrow quite frankly I'm not overly optimistic.  Also his Lamictal causes insomnia, so he didn't go to bed until almost eleven at night.  We'll just have to see how he feels in the morning and sort of go from there.

I sure hope the little guy gets better soon.



krlr said...

Yikes - sorry. I wish he DID have a cold so you don't have to go thru the rx change. Esp since, as I recall, it took forever to ramp up? Wishing you the best..

Julia O'C said...

It's a tough call about school. On the one hand, he'd probably like to get back into the routine and on the other hand, you'll probably be a wreck the entire time he's there.

Poor little guy!! I hope today is a MUCH better for all of you. Thinking of you.

isabelkhan said...

Hope he has a better day tomorrow:(

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