Saturday, January 15, 2011

In Which I Don't Eat Bacon

Connor had two more seizures today, which means that we're back in another run.  Glorious.  He hasn't shown any indication of being sick yet, so we'll just have to watch him and see.  I'm kind of hoping he's getting sick, as horrible as that is, because if he's not it means his medication change only worked for about a week.  That would not be so hot.

Hopefully we won't see any more tomorrow. 

I spent part of the day today getting some things done around the house and running errands while the little guy hung out with Jer.  Then I made a big pot of potato/carrot/parsnip soup with bacon in it while Jeremy was at the gym and Connor was sleeping off seizure number one.  The hardest part of making potato soup is cooking the bacon and then not eating any of it until after it is in the soup.  Seriously, I sort of wanted to skip the soup making part and just eat all of the bacon.  Jer probably would have been kind of sad about coming home to the bacon all eaten, though, so I restrained myself. 

You know you love somebody when you forsake bacon eating for them. 

I cooked dinner early because around four in the afternoon I left to go watch a roller derby bout up in the Bremerton area (a town a little over an hour away from me) with some friends.  I figure that right now the more derby I see, the better; it'll help me learn strategy, see how the referees call games, and just make me an all around better player. 

Plus I just love watching roller derby!

Anyway, the bouts (there were two back-to-back) were awesome and I had a blast.  I can't wait until it's me skating out there!


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Julia O'C said...

I admire you for not eating the bacon.

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