Saturday, January 1, 2011

In Which I Am Not Ready For 2011

Christmas 2008

Is 2011 seriously here?  Someone needs to slow the clock down, because I am so not ready. 

I mean, Connor turns five in 2011.  Five.  That's halfway through a decade, for Pete's sake.  My little guy is not ever allowed to turn five, so 2011 will just have to turn back into 2010.  That kid is getting entirely too big.  And what about me?  I'll be a scant year away from thirty years old, which is completely unacceptable.  Of course I already have grey hair, but seriously I'm not finished with my twenties yet.

Besides, I haven't fully recovered from 2010 yet.  I mean, look at all of the stuff that happened!  Jeremy got back on his feet, we moved into our amazing house, experienced gerbil cannibalism, started the adoption process, Connor had about eight billion seizures but also began standing with support, and I joined roller derby-- among many other crazy things!  Not exactly the boring year I was hoping for, but overall we had a pretty good time anyway.  So I figure we should throw at least a couple more days of 2010 in there just to give Jer and I a chance to kind of wrap everything up. 

Christmas 2009

 Oh, and did I mention that this is my 753rd blog post?  There's nothing particularly special about that number except that seriously how the heck have I written 753 blog posts?  That is a staggering amount of writing about things like poop explosions.  And since I don't exactly put a ton of effort into these things (because then blogging would be work and I wouldn't want to do it anymore) goodness knows how many times I've used the words 'really,''very,' and 'anyway' in that ridiculous number of posts.  I haven't exactly been writing the Great American Novel here, and it's still a wonder to me that people not only want to read about Connor's poop explosions, but then they want to comment and write me long e-mails giving advice on proper poop containment and sharing their own poignant or hilarious poop explosion stories with me. 

Really, you are all amazing!

But as wonderful as all of your commiserating and moral support is, it still doesn't make me any more ready for 2011.  Since Father Time doesn't seem to be taking suggestions from me at the moment however, I guess I'll just have to get used to it, even if it will take me three or four months at the earliest before I quit writing 2010 on all of my checks.  Force of habit is a powerful thing.

 So since I'm stuck with 2011, I hope the year will be a good one.  I'm not going to ask for a boring year, because our family doesn't do boring.  But I hope that it's exciting in a good way, and I wish you all the same! 

Christmas 2010


Rita said...

Pictures!! Yay! What a cute kid! The first photo is my favorite, makes me just want to pinch those cheeks!! Sorry, it's a southern thing, I suppose. Glad you all (y'all) had a good holiday. Happy New Year!

krlr said...

Happy New Year!

Adorable pix.

AJ's Mom said...

Love pictures! Especially the last one of you and Connor :)

Anonymous said...

Connor is absolutely ADORABLE.

I suppose I should say that in the last one he looks cool, because I understand that nearly five-year-old boys aren't always fond of being called adorable. But seriously...adorable. Just don't tell him I said it. :)


Julia said...

Well, the poop explosion posts certainly were memorable (and hilarious), but I don't think they're really a large or representative sample of your oeuvre (except for being hilarious, which is pretty typical). I first read your blog around the time of the Kissing Corner posts, which are about as beautifully painful and painfully beautiful as posts about parenting can get, and from then on I was hooked. Really, there should be a 12 step program for us groupies ("I'm Julia, and I'm addicted to Connor's Song"). I think we're all looking forward to many more years of indulging ourselves in our favorite addiction, so keep it coming. Oh, and we opened up similar crackers on Christmas -- I've got a good pic somewhere of Ben in a purple crown. Happy New Year!

leah said...

Hooray to "exciting in a good way!" Have a wonderful 2011, and may it bring many good things to you and your (growing) family!

Lora said...

One of my resolutions is to comment more on the blogs that I follow and get to know my fellow bloggers more. Love the photos! Happy New Year!

Coupon Codes said...

I'm not ready for 2011 either, but it's here anyway. Hope you, Connor and family have a great year!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

I love the pics! I cannot believe how Connor has grown. The kid is beyond adorable!

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