Thursday, January 27, 2011

In Which Connor Sees The Neurologist

Connor had his neurology appointment early this morning.  It was the first face-to-face appointment he's had with them in about four months, so it was just about time.  They actually bumped it up-- we were due to go in mid February-- but since Connor's had a couple of bouts with illness that triggered a lot of seizures they figured it would be better to get us in sooner and made special arrangements. 

So he went in today and we had a discussion about his overall seizure management, how his seizures have changed in the last few months (almost zero mouth-to-mouth needed!) and what we want to do about his febrile seizures, which don't seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

So we're going to go on a more strict regime of Ativan if Connor gets sick.  Rather than using it once to break the cycle of seizures, we'll be using it to keep his seizures entirely under control until he's no longer sick.  That way hopefully his recovery won't be as hard and he won't stay sick as long because his body isn't totally exhausted.  Otherwise his meds are staying the same.  All in all it was a pretty good appointment.

We had his medication levels drawn (by finger prick, and he didn't cry at all!) and then we were off to the bookstore, which is Connor's (and my) reward for an appointment at Children's-- especially one that involves a blood draw.  Connor chose a book called The Pirate Cruncher, which he chose over a dinosaur book.  I cracked it open and was thrilled to discover that the monster in it looks suspiciously like a kraken, which due to my derby name I am now completely obsessed with. 

I was even more thrilled to discover that the kraken wins. 

Um, anyway so we did that, and then we stopped by Fran's to pick up some caramels for Jeremy, and then it was off for the house.  So overall it was a pretty productive day!



Genesis Therapy said...

LOL As soon as I read that part of the book I figured you must've checked it before buying it. :)

krlr said...

So glad that went smoothly - you've had two great appts in a row! Must be the new kraken powers.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Love it when doctor's appointments go well. Hope the new plan keeps those pesky seizures at bay!

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