Sunday, January 23, 2011

In Which Connor Feels Much Better

Connor only had one seizure today; a sure sign that the Tylenol is doing its job.  He was much happier and had a lot more energy too, though by the end of the day he was pretty tired.  Evidently being tired doesn't necessarily equate to going to sleep, though.  It's almost 11:00 at night and he's still in there blowing raspberries on the back of his hand.  This is a skill he acquired recently and he takes every opportunity to practice it that he can.  I particularly love it when he misses his hand and just spits everywhere.  Usually he aims for my shirt.

At any rate, now we've entered that weird limbo state where we get to play Russian roulette with Connor's Tylenol.  We know he's been running a low-grade fever for the last few days but doesn't really seem to have any other symptoms that he can tell us about.  He probably has a sore throat, because Jer thinks he's getting sick with the same thing and that's what he has, but Connor doesn't have the vocabulary to tell us that his throat hurts so it's hard to tell.  We know that if we stop the Tylenol and he's still running a fever, he'll start having a bunch of seizures again.  However, we don't want to send him to school on the Tylenol because then it's impossible to tell if he's sick or not and we don't want to infect the rest of his class. 

It's a quandary.

I know he's still running a fever as of tonight because he was a little late getting his last dose of Tylenol and his temperature crept back up to a measly 99.5 degrees.  So he'll be home from school tomorrow for sure.  After that we'll just have to see.  It seems really ridiculous to keep a kid home who doesn't have any other symptoms for what wouldn't even be a fever in a typical child, but Connor likes to do things his own way, I guess, and in Connor's world 99 degrees is more than enough of a fever to throw his whole body out of whack.

Oh well.



krlr said...

So glad he's feeling better. I always wonder about school too - esp when I see the other kids with [exceedingly gross stuff] dripping everywhere. I don't know if I believe the "its just allergies" anymore.

Julia O'C said...

I don't know if this helps, but our pediatrician told us me that if E or V's temperature is under 100 and the child appears to have no other symptoms that it's okay to send them to school. Also: green mucous means they should stay home (even if there is no fever).

Of course this is second-hand information, so...yeah.

I hope that Connor is on the mend and that you're able to do something for yourself today.

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