Thursday, January 20, 2011

In Which Connor Is A Saddy Sadkin

Well today was not particularly fun.

Connor woke up this morning and seemed a little quieter than usual.  We went through our usual morning routine and I attributed it to him having slept in late; I actually had to wake him up, which is very unusual for him.  We got into the car and started down the road to school. 

About two streets before we got to the turn-in for school, Connor had a seizure.

It was one of the still-breathing kinds, thankfully, but it was long enough that he had a pretty good postictal state going by the time I strapped him back into his chair and started off towards school again.  I figured I'd see what he looked like when I brought him in the classroom and decide whether or not to bring him home with me.  For some of the smaller seizures he's been able to stay at school.  After about five minutes, which he spent trying to fall asleep in his teacher's arms, we decided it would be best to take him home.

This ended up being a very, very good thing.

He started getting the chills about an hour after we got home, and for the next eight hours or so I was the parent of a sad, miserable, clingy little boy.  He was obviously feeling under the weather, and while he didn't have a temperature his seizure threshold ended up being lowered anyway, so by the time the day was over he'd had four.  Not fun.  Basically he spent the entire day clinging to my shirt and doing one of three things: crying, sleeping, or seizing.  So obviously there will be no school tomorrow.  I'm hoping this is a short bug and he'll be over it quickly.

I'm amazed at how exhausting eight hours of sitting and doing nothing really is.  Really, what does one do when confined to an armchair for three or four hours at a time?  Especially when you can't rest anything on a substantial portion of your lap without getting drool and snot smeared all over it by an unhappy toddler?  I ended up spending about four hours on facebook looking at other people's pictures, and also I read a book.  Or two.  But I swear that little guy just sucked all the strength from my bones.  It's funny how the more active you are the more energy you tend to have.

At any rate, hopefully tomorrow will be better!



Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

So sorry to hear/read this! Hope he feels better very soon!

Julia O'C said...

Oh, no!! The Little Guy is sick? I hope it passes quickly.

xraevision said...

Amazing that you have the mental fortitude to read a book while comforting Connor in this situation. When X had or threatened to have blue spells, I held him in my arms while watching endless hours of ridiculously frivolous TV to ease my anxiety. Hope you're both feeling better soon!

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