Monday, January 17, 2011

In Which Connor Has A Good Day And I Love Socks

We got a break from seizures today, which was lovely.  Connor was a little tired, but otherwise he seemed to be in good spirits.  Hopefully by tomorrow he'll be back to his usual happy self.

I'm really relieved that we didn't see any more today because I'm hoping that means he's not going into another cycle of them.  We'll just have to see how he does tomorrow; he's out of school for the holiday so I'm sure we'll be finding some fun things to do.  I'm thinking that I might bring out the fingerpaints while I work on a few art-type projects of my own.  He's getting a bath tomorrow anyway, so it won't matter if he completely covers himself in paint like he usually does.  Usually by the end of fingerpainting he looks like a rainbow gave him a big hug and affectionately mussed up his hair.  Repeatedly.

In other news, I went out today and bought a couple of red shirts for scrimmages and practice (the Trampire team colors are red and black) because before I ran my errands I only had one.  And I'm not remotely interested in doing laundry every single day.  So now I have three, which is much better.

I also bought myself another little swingy skirt for derby as well.  I would probably be a bike shorts sort of derby person, but I wear snowboarding pants when I skate because I fall backwards a lot, like my tailbone the way it is, and want it to stay intact as long as possible.  You can't wear the snowboarding pants by themselves, because they are basically pads held together by black mesh and there are some key areas that are, shall we say, slightly overexposed.  Hot pants just look weird with them, besides which I'm not really a hot pants sort of person anyway.  Putting bike shorts over them makes it appear like I am wearing a rather odd, bulky diaper.  So I wear bike shorts layered with some sort of skirt like the one I bought today, and then it just looks like I have an enormous rear.  I'm fine with that.

Anyway, so the derby shopping is seriously hard to resist.  For one thing, I seem to think that I need every pair of knee high socks that exist in the entire universe.  All of them.  But I am doing my very best to curb my sock habit by reminding myself that I can save that money for new skates. 

I'm not addicted to derby or anything.


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Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Yay for no seizures! That is definitely a good day! Sounds like you are having a blast shopping. So exciting!

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