Saturday, January 22, 2011

In Which Connor Has More Seizures And I Hate Technology

Connor was running a measly 99.0 degree temperature today, and had five seizures as a result.

He was probably running a temperature yesterday and the day before too, but I didn't know that because I'd bought a new thermometer.  This is one of the nice ones that the hospitals use where you run it across your forehead-- I figured it would be a lot better than the armpit or rectal method, which is what we've used with Connor in the past.  Only it kept giving me really crazy readings that were obviously wrong, and I couldn't figure out why.

Yeah, so it turns out there's a protective cap over the sensor of the thermometer.  And you have to take it off for the thermometer to work.  Luckily it only took three days for me to figure this out.  Well, actually it was Jeremy who figured it out.  After he looked at it for about three minutes.

Technology and I are not the best of friends.

Anyway, so Connor's had fourteen seizures in three days, which is not exactly wonderful.  He's sleeping a lot, which is probably what his body needs right now.  This kind of thing is pretty hard on him-- it makes me exhausted just watching.  But we're plugging him full of Tylenol now and that should help.

Other than all the seizing and the mild fever he doesn't really seem all that sick.  I'm hoping that means he'll get over this thing quickly!



Anonymous said...

Just had to say I giggled a little about the whole thermoter thing...because I did the same exact thing and Paul is the one that figured it the trick is just for me to remember when I use it because i still forget sometimes...hope connor is feeling better soon! Amy

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I hate to laugh, but I bought a similar thermometer and did the SAME thing! I tried and tried and couldn't figure out why it was giving me such wacky temps. My husband walked in and looked at it for 15 seconds and said "Sara, meet Cap. Cap, meet Sara" and took it off. Hmmm ...

Anyway, I hope that Connor gets some rest and has a better day today! Emily has increased seizures with tiny temperature changes as well. If it's warm outside and her body temp goes up to 99 (which is often, in Southern California) she will seize more.

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