Friday, January 7, 2011

In Which Connor Feels Much Better And I Sew Some More

Well, Connor is feeling much better today!

Other than the insomnia, that is.  Currently it's past eleven at night and he's still lying in there happily shrieking away to himself at top volume.  Good thing I'm not storing my crystal glasses anywhere near his room, because I'm pretty sure they'd have shattered by now given some of the truly impressive notes he's been hitting.  At least he's in a good mood! 

What's pretty awesome news is that I didn't see any seizures from him today.  He may or may not have had one at school-- it was up for debate-- but I didn't see any, which made the day a definite improvement over the previous three in my book.  Also by the afternoon I started to see hints of his usual sunny personality rather than the sad, exhausted kid who's been living in my house lately.  There he is wearing my sunglasses and attempting to kick the camera.  Evidently he's not a fan of Paparazzi Mom.

Ellen's stocking is coming along slowly but steadily. I've finally sort of figured out how to make the gold metallic thread do what I want it to, so now I'm not actively wanting to kill people and blow things up, which is an improvement.  Here's a picture for you of how things are coming along; please disregard the random green sequin lying on top of one of the gold swirls on the stocking, as it's not sewn down.  I have no idea where it came from, as I'm not using green sequins on this stocking.  Weird.  Perhaps the blue and gold sequins are mating.

You can see how I'm starting to build up the tail.  Eight or nine layers of sequins are laid down in short strips like shingles, and then the ninth layer is sewn down over the whole tail. This means that by the time I get to the top of the tail I'll be working with a much thicker layer of felt.  This will then tie into the body of the bird, and the seam will be then covered by a couple of long wing segments. 

Okay, that explanation doesn't actually make a whole lot of sense, but the technique will work, I swear!  At least, I think it will.  It works in my head, anyway.  Guess we'll find out soon!



Mary said...

Jess, it's looking great! I love the little beads on the top of its head.. frill.. thing. I don't know. My new drug cocktail has me a bit loopy, but suffice it to say it looks purty!

Julia O'C said...

I think that when you finish the stocking, people are going to offer you ridiculous amounts of money for it. And by people, I mean me. And by ridiculous amounts of money, I mean chocolate and tea. And books. It's really beautiful, Jess.

So nice to hear that Connor had a better day (and therefore, YOU had a better day). I love the picture. It looks like he's saying, "Worship the awesomeness that is my foot. It is true that I am the coolest kid ever and you know it."

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