Thursday, January 6, 2011

In Which My Child Needs To Stop Having Seizures

Connor only had three more seizures today, which was a marked improvement over the previous two days.  Fourteen seizures in three days is still not a particularly stunning track record, though.  I'm going to have to give that boy a stern talking to, because really this sort of behavior is totally unacceptable.  Something along the lines of this should do it:

"Tomorrow let's shoot for zero seizures, okay little guy?  Not only do I not care for the frequency of these shenanigans, but the timing isn't exactly wonderful either.  Mommy is in the middle of roller derby drafts, and giving her five or six mini-heart attacks in a 24 hour period does not do wonders for her skating. 

You want me to get onto a team so you can watch me skate around and kick other girls' butts, right?  I thought so.  So quit activating my fight-or-flight response multiple times a day.  There's only so much adrenaline I can produce in a given time period, and I need it all for derby right now.  If you can't manage to tone it down at the very least quit having these things when I'm driving on the highway, sweetie.  That would help considerably in the Not-Giving-Mommy-A-Heart-Attack department, and I'm sure all of the other drivers on the road would appreciate it too.

Not to mention that these little incidents aren't exactly good for your health either. 

So cut it out, okay cutie?  I'm glad we had this little talk."

If my brilliant inspirational speech fails, I'm going to fall back on hoping that the medication increase is just taking a couple of days to kick in and that by the time the weekend is over we won't be seeing any more of these.  Otherwise I'll be putting in another call to the neurologist and we'll go from there.  We haven't picked out any underlying cause as of yet; he doesn't seem sick at all, just tired.  And after having fourteen seizures in three days, who can blame him for that?  Heck, I'm tired too and all I'm doing for the most part is watching them. 

Really, kiddo.  Enough is enough!



Julia O'C said...

Yeah, 14 seizures in 3 days is unacceptable.

Thinking about you guys.

Kristin said...

I'm glad there were only 3, but agreed, still too many.

Maybe the sequins are getting to Connor!

Julia said...

Not good, not good. Hmmmm. He does seem to be a stubborn kid, so maybe you want to take the opposite approach, sort've reverse psychology. Make out like the seizures are no big deal, you're not impressed, and frankly it's all a big yawn, and maybe he'll turn his attention to finding other ways to freak you out -- ways that aren't as physically taxing for him or you.

Well, I'm very sorry about the uptick, and I hope he breaks out of this phase soon.

GB's Mom said...

Still praying.

Padron said...

Aww Poor Baby

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