Monday, January 31, 2011

In Which I Sew Dead People

So the project that I lost all track of time working on yesterday is this one. 

No, it's not Ellen's peacock Christmas stocking; I've set that aside for a few weeks because I was getting burned out doing feathers.  I have no reason right now to keep going when it's not fun anymore, since Christmas isn't exactly just around the corner.  Yesterday I figured I'd take a break from that project and do something a little easier. 

My roller derby league has a fundraiser coming up at Hell's Kitchen on February 4th.  Among other things it's going to involve live music from four awesome local bands, some of the derby girls boxing each other, and a raffle.  Since I'm not going to be boxing I figured I'd make something for the raffle!  So yesterday I bought a basic wool clutch purse from the fabric store, whipped up a quick design and started sewing away.  I'm now about two thirds of the way through the project-- probably because I'm not using metallic thread and I don't have eight bajillion feathers to sew on the thing.  I should have it completely finished by tomorrow. 

I never realized, by the way, just how many ways there are to pretty up the decapitated and defleshed heads of dead people until I started looking at reference pictures in order to design a sugar skull of my own.  This thing was seriously fun to play around with (though admitedly kind of creepy) so I might revisit the theme at one point or another.  Maybe I'll make a clutch for myself too!

Also it will give me an excuse to keep not working on Ellen's peacock.  I'm not ready for metallic thread again for a while.



Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Very cool! I am super impressed with your sewing and design skills!

Julia O'C said...

Love it! I'll bet you'll get a lot of raffle ticket sales.

I still think you should have an Etsy store (you know, because you have SO MUCH FREE TIME). Heh.

Simply, Sarah said...

I love your designs and style.

xraevision said...

Oh Jess! Your clutch is going to be a huge hit! If only you had copious amounts of spare time, you could stitch until your fingers bleed and make a small fortune with your own Etsy shop! I would purchase a sequined peacock, personally.

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