Monday, January 3, 2011

In Which I Stay Up Far Too Late And Don't Write A Real Blog Post

So I was supposed to be sitting out here writing a blog and then going to sleep early, but instead I picked up one of the books I got at the library today-- just to glance at the inside cover, mind you-- and now it is three hours and 436 pages later, and far to late at night to write a proper blog post.

So call this a placeholder, if you will, until tomorrow morning when I'm more properly awake and can actually use grammar and spell words correctly again! 

Sorry about that.



Anonymous said...

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Julia O'C said...

Must be a really good book! :)

leah said...

That happens to me all the time- what were you reading? I'm always up for a new book!

Julia said...

Good for you! I'm kind've an obsessive reader (and knitter), which is why it's dangerous for me to try to start a book when there's work to do -- the world could crumble around me and I'd still feel compelled to read one more page.

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