Monday, January 17, 2011

In Which Connor Is A Finger Painting Godzilla

Today I had a number of creative projects to work on, so that meant it was finger painting time for Connor! 

I usually like to try and break things down that way so we're doing the same sorts of activities.  If I'm cleaning, then I make sure he "helps" me fold laundry and put small things away in his toy bins.  If I'm cooking, then he's got a pot and a spoon to bang on it with or his wooden vegetables.  If I'm drawing, painting or sewing like today, then he's finger painting or staring at the playdough I insist on putting on his tray like it is a live snake and it will kill him. 

Usually I give him a choice between the two.  Guess which one he always picks?

Watching Connor finger painting is like observing a reenaction of Godzilla stomping through Tokyo.  He doesn't want to initially touch the paint so you have to put his hand down in it first, but once it's already on his fingers it's a whole different story.  Basically he winds up, slams a hand down on the paper and then yells at the top of his lungs for a second before picking it up and doing it again.  I don't try to talk to anyone on the phone while Connor is finger painting, because the combination of WHAM!!!  "AHHHH!!!" WHAM!!! "AHHHH!!!" in the background is kind of distracting while you're trying to hold a conversation. 

Then every minute or so he takes some time to shake all of the excess paint off his hands in an attempt to cover as much surface area in our house as possible in paint.  I use a drop cloth and his chair sits well away from our table and any other furniture while he is painting. 

And when he's tired of doing that, he simply wipes the excess paint on his face and hair.

So after Connor was done creating his masterpiece, he and Jeremy took a (much-needed on Connor's part) bath.  We have to fill the bathtub up before putting Connor in now, because for some unknown reason he's decided he's terrified of the faucet running and cries hysterically until you shut it off.  Otherwise he enjoys having a bath, though usually we use his shower chair instead.  He's heavy enough now that it's dangerous for me to try and give him a bath by myself.  Jer was off of work today because of the holiday, though, so they got to spend some time splashing in the tub together. 

We also changed out the little guy's g-tube today.  We get one with our feeding supplies once every three months, and we change them out at home.  It's really nice to not have to make a trip to the doctor to change them, and as long as we wait until his stomach is relatively empty it's not very messy, either.  There's a nasty bug going around right now, and so we're happy that we're able to avoid a trip into the doctors any time we can.  From past experience, I'd say one of the best places for Connor to pick up a nasty illness is at the doctor's office.

All in all it was a pretty good day!



Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Love the picture! Looks like he was having a blast! He sounds quite serious about his art work.

By the way, my daughter is terrified of the running faucet too. We use a shower sprayer for bath time and she is OK with that sound, but if the water comes directly from the faucet, she cries in terror!

Julia O'C said...

Oh, my goodness -I love that picture! It kind of looks like he has a goatee (a green one, which just makes it that much more awesome).

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