Friday, May 13, 2011

In Which Blogger Exploded And Now Connor Is Following Suit

As most of you probably know, Blogger went down a couple of days ago-- hence no blogging last night.  It's back up now, but unfortunately your lovely comments on my last post were deleted in their system maintenance.  Sorry everybody-- I appreciated all your lovely suggestions!  I'd love for to repost them if you have a minute so I can go back and look at them the next time we put together a care package.

So on to today!  Connor, who has apparently decided that now is the time for a major growth spurt, now has two loose teeth-- both of his bottom front teeth are wiggly.  Oh, and did I mention that his six year molars are now coming in too? 

Needless to say, he's kind of weirded out about what's going on in his mouth right now.  He keeps carefully putting his fingers in there, feeling his loose teeth and then taking them out and looking at them like there's something wrong with his fingers and that's why his teeth feel so strange.  He's also running his tongue over them a whole bunch.  He's drooling a ton.  And he seems to find vibrating toys really interesting right now; we have a busy bee therapy toy and he tries to fit the whole foot of the thing in there despite the fact that it's too big to get in his mouth.  Normally he doesn't want it anywhere near his face, but at the moment he can't get enough of it. 

Of course the vibration makes his nose itch terribly, so he has a routine.  He'll bite down on the bee for as long as he can stand, and then he jerks his head away and scratches his nose for a couple of seconds.  Then he lunges for the bee again.  He'll do this for upwards of thirty minutes at a time-- it's pretty cute. 

I might try and get him a vibrating teething toy to chew on since it seems to make him feel better.  He doesn't seem to be in a whole lot of discomfort yet from the molars, but the kid's pain tolerance is through the roof so sometimes it's hard to tell. 

Oh, and did I mention that he's growing like a week at the same time?  When he stands with my help his head is up to my waist! 



Anonymous said...

Hi Jess

may I suggest an electric toothbrush? My dentist tells me that 1 minute's brushing is enough to get kiddie teeth clean ..,


leah said...

I hope the tooth fairy is generous - and that his new teeth grow in quickly!

Marianne said...

Your blog is so interesting to read. It's so inspirational to hear stories about people dealing with the unique challenges facing special needs children. Keep up the good work!

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