Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In Which Connor Paints A Picture

Connor felt significantly better today!  I think he's starting to get used to the new medication.  Of course we're going to change it up on him on Friday-- his dose will go up-- but hopefully he'll adjust to that quickly too.

He did some glorious finger painting today; here he is painting a picture for his sister.  Evidently finger painting is Very Serious Business.  I love how he's got both hands flat down on the paper; look at how far he's come with his sensory issues!  Most of his early painting involved just the very tips of his fingers and a whole lot more wiping the paint off on his hair.

Not that he still didn't need a bath afterwards, but now at least I don't have to put a huge drop cloth under his chair, which is definitely progress!

He had no seizures today, which was also progress.  So it's back to school for the little guy tomorrow!  I'll be spending my free time either out in the yard or at the plant nursery, since there's a whole lot to do out there.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate with me.

I'll also spend some time figuring out what Jer and I are doing on Saturday.  We've got Joanna all day and are planning on taking a day trip somewhere just the two of us as a late anniversary celebration.  I can't wait!



Audrey said...

Connor looks absolutely adorable in this picture... not that he doesn't always, but here he is especially adorable!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess I found your blog via Love that Max and I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that you are an AMAZING mom. I'm SO glad Conor's doing well and I will pray that he remains that way every day of his life.

Lots of love from South Africa,

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