Wednesday, May 11, 2011

In Which It Rains And We Plan A Care Package For Ellen

Connor and I spent a few hours running errands today, but it took us forever because it was raining so hard outside.  Really, I think it's completely unfair that we're still getting this sort of weather in May-- the only reason I'm okay with it is it means I don't have to water the yard.

Otherwise things were fairly quiet; we sat at a coffee shop for a little while, ran by our adoption agency to drop off some paperwork, and did a bit of house cleaning.  Nothing exciting, but quite honestly I wasn't really disappointed by that.  We've had more than enough excitement to last us for the next few months, thank you very much. 

We're probably sending off a care package to Ellen this week, so Jer and I spent some time trying to figure out exactly what should go in it.  So far we're going to put in an English-Thai picture dictionary, some swim goggles and a swim hat, but we haven't figured out what else should go in there.  It's too early in the process for us to send her a photo album-- that will come later.  We're not sure how much space she has to store things, so we don't want to send her bulky items or things that will take up a lot of room.  Maybe we'll add in some small things she can pass out to her friends.  I think the kids get a lot of candy from various visitors who come to the orphanage, so we'll probably try to avoid that.  We're probably going to send her one every couple of months, so we don't want to put too much in at one time. 

We have to think very carefully about what to put in her packages-- we don't know her clothing or shoe size, we can't send things that are too expensive and might be stolen or get her in trouble with the other kids, and we shouldn't send anything that requires batteries.  Thai girls are required to all wear their hair the same way for school, so pretty hair clips or barrettes are out.  We've already sent her some school supplies and a necklace. 

Figuring out what is appropriate and might pique her interest is surprisingly hard!



Anonymous said...

- Lip salve (in pretty but transparent pink)
- tiny purse (I still remember my red leather one and the folding purse from Morocco)
- generator-powered flashlight
- pretty stationery
- make-your-own jewellery kit / beads (good for sharing with others)
- a US pre-teen magazine (hugely popular with my 11-year old godchild who doesn't know a word of English!)
- charm bracelet
- really good drawing equipment

Have fun choosing and wrapping

krlr said...

Pens (dollar stores & bed, bath,beyond) - I have a collection of cheap but fun pens: 1 with a micro etch a sketch, one with mini tetris, 1 w/bogle, + the usual animals/etc on top.
and then everything anonymous just wrote.

gloria said...

What about books? Thai of course, and then some easier to read English ones as well. (Something to get her concentrating on English.) It might be too early for this, but I think a photo album would be perfectly fine along with a disposable camera so she can document her life some before she moves to the US. I still love the journal idea. There must be so much going through her mind now that she knows there's a family waiting for her. What about crafty things? Like a giant bead/thread kit she can enjoy with her friends. They can make bracelets or whatever together and have something to remember one another by.

Miss you guys. And I'd take rain in a heartbeat. The weather has been 95+ here in GA and it's still May. I'm very scared for the summer.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Nicola here. Other children have liked those ediable watches. Some western treat foods that she might have when she gets there might be nice, but if you prefer not thats ok. Giving things out to friends is always a hit with the children because they feel special and able to share that specialness with those who have been brothers and sisters to her all these years. The camera is a sweet idea because she could ask me to take it and get them developed and have a album to show you her life when you come to get her. Id need to check this one first actually but want about if you say it in a letter in this parcel as an idea and i can ask if that is ok. Nearer the time we can get her measurments and foot size for you so you can sort out clothing for her. Maybe a painting or picture from Connor drawn with love especially from him for her. Maybe a book of connors sign language so she can get an idea before she travels of his style of communication.
Hope these ideas help.
Nicola xxxx

leah said...

The rain can get tiring - I hope the sun returns SOON! Maybe you could include a small painting by Connor. Does she have pierced ears? Earrings might be nice... the swim goggles sound brilliant - too bad you can't fit an epee in the care package!

~Pat said...

How about a book or collection of pictures about Washington and fun things to do around here?

Anonymous said...

Trying again ...
- generator-powered flashlight
- DIY jewelley kit (great for sharing with the other girls, too)
- charm bracelet with add-ons in the next care packages
- lip salve in lipstick form (transparent pink and with a nice smell by preference)
- tiny purse for coins (I still remember my red leather one and the folding Moroccan one, sigh)
- Diary with a lock and a tiny key
- nice stationery and pen (try and get stamps, too, your local post office can usually help)
- watercolours
- nice belt (maybe with Native American beading?)

Have fun! Wish our daughter were 13 already ...

krlr said...

I'm sure I had some brillian ideas (ha!) but the one I was actually enthusiastic about was the fun-but-cheap pens. My collection includes pens with: mini etch-a-sketch, bogle, tetris (though batteries involved with annoying microscrews), various fuzzy animals, & various light/noise makers on top. The mini bogle game is my favorite, now that the tetris battery died.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I mentioned maybe a book of connors sign language so she could get used to it. Someone said about a disposable camera so she could take pictures. Then she would be able to share her life here with you from her own view. I would be happy to get them developed and give her them.Best way I think is you could mention that in a card and then i could ask if that was ok. If yes then put it in a following package. Another child liked the edible watches we had on an outing. Make your own jewlery is a nice one and a journal would be good too. Pictures done by Connor would be nice. Although you dont want to send her sweets she may like other children who havce been adopted liek to be able to hand out candy from america as its very special. Then they will be familar to her there too.
She will like whhatever you send because its from oyu. Hope these ideas help. God bless. Nicola xxx

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