Saturday, May 21, 2011

In Which My Parents Are Here And I Play Some Derby

Today was a pretty fun day!

This morning my mom and I drove down to the farmer's market and spent a little bit of time wandering around looking at all of the neat things they had for sale and drooling over the plants.  When Mom and I get together you can guarantee that some sort of gardening will end up happening.  We're like gardening superheroes or something-- when our forces combine we become the Power Gardeners!  Or at least Power Gardener Shoppers anyway; I tend to garden in quick, fierce spurts with long periods of benign neglect in between, so it's usually "survival of the fittest" in my flower beds once the plants are home.  This method probably doesn't qualify me for any gardening awards.

At any rate, we barely restrained ourselves from buying everything in the universe, and then we spent a few quiet hours at home before it was time for me to run off to my roller derby team lunch.  Usually the team gets together for a couple of hours before a bout and spends a little bit of time relaxing and socializing before we need to put our game faces on.  My parents and Jeremy joined me at the derby track later in the afternoon, while Connor played with Joanna at home.  Roller derby bouts are a too loud for the little guy's taste and definitely run past his bedtime, so we usually try and have respite care on bout weekends.  Also he had a short seizure today so he probably wouldn't have been in the best of moods anyway.

This was the first live derby bout my parents had ever seen, so that was pretty neat!  They enjoyed themselves quite a bit-- especially since I didn't break anything.  This was not Jeremy's first bout, but it was the first time he'd seen me play.  We had some friends there as well, so I felt like I had my own little cheering section. 

It was a great game; my team won, and we'll be competing in the championship bout in June.  Go Trampires!


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Julia O'C said...

Go Trampires! Jess, that's so great that your team won and that you got to play!!! Congratulations!

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